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shipstation integration
Omnisend and ShipStation Integration: The Best Thing to Happen to Order Tracking
Omnisend & ShipStation Integration: Your personalized tracking messages just got that much better. Here's how:
carthook integration
Omnisend and CartHook Integration: Because Your Checkout Page Deserves Better
Increase your checkout page conversions and win over customers who abandoned their carts with the Omnisend and CartHook Integration. Read on at Omnisend.
aftership integration
Omnisend & AfterShip Integration: How to Make Your Shipping Notifications Pack an Extra Punch
Announcing Omnisend & AfterShip integration: send personalized messages with shipping tracking and delivery updates to your customers.
loyaltylion integration
Omnisend and LoyaltyLion Integration: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Customer Retention
Announcing the new Omnisend and LoyaltyLion integration, allowing you to create loyal customers through an omnichannel strategy.
Omnisend and Smile: How Rewards Fit Into Omnichannel Marketing
Omnisend and Smile integration is here! Want to know how rewards fit into your omnichannel marketing strategy? Find out how it works here:
New Signup Forms on Omnisend + 10 Ideas for Using Popups Wisely [Part 1]
Learn about new signup forms on Omnisend and 10 ideas for using popups wisely. Increase the number of your email subscribers now.
Mailchimp for Shopify: What to Do for Ecommerce Email Marketing When the App Is No Longer Available
Mailchimp for Shopify: Here’s what to do when there’s no more integration between Mailchimp and Shopify.
alternative to mailchimp
An Open Letter to the Shopify Team
Omnisend is a powerful email marketing tool that empowers online retailers with omnichannel marketing. This is a great alternative to Mailchimp.
Live View Website Tracking and Abandonment Automation Now Available
Live View Website Tracking and Abandonment Automation Now Available
Our new Live View website tracking, which allows you to see visitor activity in real time, is now available, along with new abandonment automation emails.
Try out our new automated order updates to send out shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation emails
How to Use Our New Automated Order Updates
Based on our What's Next plan, automated order updates are now available. Use our new shipping confirmation and cancellation confirmation for better sales.
Our Smart Segmentation is finally here--find out the 4 ways you should be using it today
Smart Segmentation Is Here—and 4 Ways You Should Be Using It
Smart Segmentation is now available! See how you can use our new shopping behavior and list features to created targeted campaigns for better sales.
Try out Omnisend's brand new Product Recommender for better newsletters and higher sales
Product Recommender Is Now Live: 3 Persuasive Ways to Offer Relevant Products
We're proud to announce the release of our brand new Product Recommender, which lets you automatically import your best products into your newsletters.