Product News

Omnisend's new ViralSweep integration
Our New ViralSweep Integration
We’re excited to announce that we’ve got a brand new integration with ViralSweep, a viral marketing platform that can help boost engagement and sales.
Try Omnisend's brand new, updated, flexible and powerful email marketing automation workflows
5 Ways to Use Omnisend’s Powerful New Automation Workflows
Omnisend's new flexible, powerful automation worfklows will help you reach your customers at the right time—and these are the 5 ways you should use them.
Soundest is now Omnisend - find out what's new and how it will affect you
Soundest Is Now Omnisend
Soundest is now Omnisend—but it's more than just a name change. Find out what the new changes are and how they'll help your ecommerce business.
Read the story here for how Soundest evolved into Omnisend
How Soundest Evolved into Omnisend: The Backstory
Read the story of how Soundest evolved into Omnisend, and how we're using omnichannel marketing to help merchants better serve their customers.
Soundest has released the optional double opt-in feature to help your subscriber list
Double Opt-In Is Now Available: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use It
According to our What's Next plan, Omnisend has released the optional double opt-in feature to increase the quality and integrity of your subscriber list.
Email A/B Testing Is Now Available: 5 Ideas for What to Test
Email A/B testing will enable you to easily test your email campaign and improve your marketing performance with these smart, small tweaks.
Google Mobile Friendly Popups: 3 Ways to Avoid Losing Mobile Rankings
Don't spoil the mobile search rankings of your online store. Learn about Google mobile friendly popups and their alternatives to carry on successful list building and save positions in Google search.
Wheel of fortune sign-up
Using a Wheel of Fortune Sign-Up to Grow Your Email List
A new, interactive signup form – the Wheel of Fortune- to challenge your customers. Use it to collect email addresses and entertain your site visitors.
Gift Box – A New Interactive Element to Boost Your Email Campaign
Gift Box is a totally new feature in Omnisend and email history! It has been developed to improve the click rate and boost your email campaign.
Integration with Optimonk and Email Collection Bar: Effective Email List Building
Most of the cases an effective email list building depends on onsite customer experience. Omnisend has new integrations with tools that know how to make it perfect.
Gmail DMARC Policy Can Destroy Your Email Marketing. Avoid This!
From June, 2016 the strict Gmail DMARC policy comes into force. It will affect all email marketers who use Gmail addresses for sending bulk emails. Learn more
New Omnisend Updates in HTML Email Editor
For those who have HTML knowledge, Omnisend has added a new HTML Email element to Editor so your email can be even more unique and customized than ever.