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24 Easter marketing statistics, ideas and examples for 2024

Reading Time: 11 minutes

A general misconception about Easter is that it is not as significant an occasion as Christmas or Thanksgiving, so isn’t worth much attention. As a result, Easter marketing is limited to the chocolate and toy industry.

In reality, 69% of US consumers plan to celebrate Easter in 2024. To add to that, the NRF (National Retail Foundation) predicts that consumers will spend $22.7 billion to celebrate Easter this year, of which 3 billion (13%) will be spent online.

This all means that the possibilities of growing your sales are vast. Easter presents opportunities for a wide range of industries — it’s all about how imaginative you can be with your offerings.

To help you get started, we’ve curated the best Easter marketing statistics & ideas to boost your campaigns. We’ll also discuss the channels you should target for enhanced ROI.

Let’s dive right in.

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Easter email sales statistics

We analyzed the success of campaigns from more than 100,000 brands around the world using Omnisend’s email, SMS and push notification marketing to improve their sales and engage their customers.

Let’s see how brands fared for Easter on April 3-10, 2023, and how consumers responded.

Overall, sales from email campaigns reached $57.8 million, while automated emails brought in an even bigger $60.3 million, for a combined $118 million — just for Easter week. This is 30% more than any other week in April 2023.

When looking at daily orders for online stores sending email campaigns in the week leading up to Easter, we see that the best conversion rate fell on Easter Monday which fell on April 10, followed by Good Friday on April 7.

As the chart below shows, however, the orders didn’t follow the same trend. In fact, the highest sales day was on Good Friday, followed by April 6, then April 5 and 4. Essentially, Monday-Friday, but in reverse.

24 Easter marketing ideas and tips

Although Easter offers great potential, marketing during this time often falls short.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas and practical tips to help boost your Easter sales.

General tips for Easter marketing

You may have fantastic Easter marketing ideas. However, overlooking factors like targeting and timing can lead to a lackluster campaign.

To ensure success, consider these marketing tips aimed at boosting your Easter sales:

  1. Know your audience: Always consider your audience’s preferences. For instance, consider their age, tech-savviness, eco-friendliness, and diverse interests.
  2. Get your timing right: Time your Easter campaigns strategically. Consider launching about two weeks ahead and ramping up promotions around Good Friday.
  3. Deliver the right message: Craft messaging that highlights the unique benefits of your Easter offerings.
  4. Use the right channels: Identify where your target audience spends their time. Combine email, SMS, ads, and other platforms to engage customers across multiple channels.
  5. Optimize for mobile: Ensure your Easter promotions are fully optimized for mobile devices so they look great on whichever device people see them on.

Now, let’s delve into Easter marketing ideas tailored specifically for diverse channels.

Social media platforms

Choosing social media content can be challenging. This is owing to the need to balance engagement, audience relevance, and trends.

Here are some ideas to consider for Easter:

Photo contests

Photo contests featuring vibrant spring colors can be attractive. Use this opportunity to create an engaging strategy.

Prompt followers to share their Easter-related photos using a designated hashtag. This encourages interaction and increases brand visibility.

Consider these Easter-themed photo challenges:

  • Easter egg decorating contest
  • Easter family portrait
  • Easter recipe challenge
  • Outdoor photos

Connect with participants by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. Finally, publicly announce the winners to reward participants and generate excitement.

User-generated content

Boost engagement by encouraging customers to share their Easter experiences.

Let’s say that you own a baking supplies company. You can ask followers to post photos and videos of their Easter-themed cakes. This allows them to showcase how they’ve utilized your products in their celebrations.

This user-generated content fosters a strong sense of community while offering genuine testimonials and showcasing the company’s products in authentic contexts.

Influencer collaborations

Because they have built credibility with their followers, influencer collaborations can be effective. For Easter marketing, consider partnering with a local influencer. They can showcase your products while promoting seasonal specials or sales.

Alternatively, you could collaborate with an influencer to promote an upcoming event. Evaluate what aligns best with your business goals and Easter marketing strategy.

Paper Mart sponsored an influencer to demonstrate their products for Easter party bags. These products included items like washi tapes and ribbons.

In the YouTube video, the influencer shared inventive ideas that would genuinely captivate her creative audience.

Email marketing

Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Easter email marketing strategy:

Easter-themed email content

Maintain a consistent Easter focus across your email, including subject lines and content.

Consider crafting subject lines that relate to the season and perhaps have puns, like “Hop into savings” or “Egg-citing deals await!”. To test the efficiency of your subject lines, you can use Omnisend’s free subject line tester.

Additionally, incorporate festive imagery such as Easter eggs, bunnies, or spring flowers. You can also leverage dynamic content such as GIFs and videos to enhance engagement.

Segmentation and personalization

To optimize your Easter email marketing strategy, segment your lists. This can be done based on demographics, purchase history, or engagement level. Then, personalize emails for each segment to ensure relevance.

Let’s say that a customer recently purchased workout gear from you. You could offer them a discount on Easter-themed activewear or accessories.

Exclusive offers and discounts

During festive seasons, customers naturally anticipate special discounts.

Cater to their expectations by sending themed emails filled with offers. Here are three examples of discounts you can provide:

  • Easter BOGO deal: Buy one, get one free on Easter-themed products
  • Easter egg hunt discount: Find hidden discount codes for savings
  • Easter weekend flash sale: Limited-time discounts on select items

To further boost effectiveness, consider granting loyal customers early access.

Newsletter with easter content

Craft a unique newsletter edition for Easter, rich with festive content. What’s great about this is its universal applicability to any business.

For example, you could provide Easter recipes, DIY craft ideas, or discuss a relevant social cause. Integrate subtle product placements or promotions alongside these offerings to improve Easter sales.

Here’s a fitting email example from The Kitchn. It starts with recipes followed by a clever mention of the brand’s cooking spray:

Newsletter with easter content by the kitchn
Image via Pinterest
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SMS marketing

Deliver Easter-themed communications directly to your customers’ phones via SMS. This channel boasts high open rates, ensuring your messages are seen promptly.

Here are two ideas to incorporate into your SMS marketing strategy:

Easter flash sale alert

Use SMS to promptly notify your customers about a limited-time Easter flash sale. Ensure that the message instills urgency and exclusivity. For instance, the message could read:

“🐣 Easter Flash Sale! 24 hours only – Get 30% off all items!

Use code EASTER30 at checkout.

Shop now and don’t miss out! [Your Website Link].”

Here’s another example for inspiration:

ster flash sale alert example
Image via SMSBump

Easter egg hunt clue game

Engage customers in an interactive Easter Egg Hunt Clue Game via SMS. Send clues to guide participants to hidden eggs throughout your website or store.

For example, the first SMS could be:

“🔍 Easter Egg Hunt!

Clue #1: Find the hidden bunny on our ‘New Arrivals’ page to unlock a special discount!

Start your hunt: [Your Website Link].”

This strategy encourages customer participation while promoting the exploration of your offerings.

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Website and ecommerce

As your business’s online home, your website is the perfect place to launch Easter marketing campaigns. Explore these ideas:

Easter-themed website design

Enhance your landing page by temporarily adding vibrant and festive elements. Examples include bunnies, eggs, and pastel colors to evoke the spirit of Easter.

This way, you create an immersive browsing experience that resonates with your audience, while still maintaining brand consistency across channels.

Additionally, consider incorporating Easter-themed popups. Explore relevant popup templates available on Omnisend.

Easter-themed website design by Omnisend
Image via Omnisend

However, website updates require time, so plan accordingly to minimize disruption.

Interactive elements

Come up with different games to make interaction with your audience more fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Virtual Easter egg hunt: Engage visitors in a fun scavenger hunt for hidden eggs. Each discovery can lead to discounts or prizes.
  • Easter-themed quizzes or trivia: Test customers’ knowledge of Easter traditions and history, offering rewards for correct answers.

Physical store or offline marketing

Ensure that the Easter atmosphere extends to your physical store, if you have one. Take a look at these options:

In-store decorations and events

You can increase in-store visits by transforming your physical store with Easter decorations. Consider hosting engaging events such as a meet-and-greet with the beloved Easter Bunny.

This fosters memorable experiences for customers, enhancing brand recognition.

Special in-store promotions

Entice customers to visit your store during Easter by offering exclusive in-store promotions.

For instance, you can offer special promotions on pastel-colored products.

Another idea is to have a photo booth with Easter-themed props and backgrounds. Offer freebies to customers who take photos and share them on social media.

You can also offer exclusive online discount codes that are redeemable in-store. This provides a seamless shopping experience across both channels.

Content marketing

Content marketing is very effective at attracting people to your site and converting them into customers. Here’s some inspiration for you.

Blog posts and articles

You can generate engaging blog posts with Easter-themed topics. Examples include “Top 10 Easter gift ideas” or “How to host the perfect Easter brunch.” These articles also offer opportunities to showcase your products in a relevant context.

Ocado, a retail company, features this section right under its cake recipe blog post:

Easter log posts and articles by Ocado
Image via Ocado

Blog posts offer the advantage of easy repurposing into various formats. Let’s say you have an article on Easter recipes. You can easily convert this into bite-sized social media content showcasing individual recipes.

Video content

Unlike blog posts, videos can convey emotions and showcase products in action.

Create short, engaging videos tailored to Easter for platforms like YouTube or TikTok. You can offer insights into Easter preparations, or showcase fun Easter-themed mini-ads.

Just keep them brief, interesting, and of top-notch quality. You can achieve this using online tools equipped with user-friendly editors and templates.

Paid advertising

Paid ads are effective for reaching a wider audience and driving targeted traffic. Consider these two strategies for your Easter advertising efforts:

Seasonal ad campaigns

Seasonal ad campaigns tap into people’s tendency to spend during certain times, like holidays.

Let’s say you own a clothing business. During Easter, you could launch a campaign featuring colorful spring outfits.

The campaign could target platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. The messaging could emphasize limited-time offers, enticing customers to shop.

Chocolate brand M&M entertained its audience with a quirky Easter-themed commercial in 2023. Lasting just 15 seconds, it effectively captures attention:

Retargeting ads

During the holiday season, shopping can become hectic and distracting. This may lead prospective buyers to abandon their carts or leave your store.

Retargeting ads serve as reminders in such scenarios. They nudge interested individuals to revisit your offerings, thereby maximizing your sales opportunities.

Partnerships and community engagement

Partnerships and community engagement are all about fostering meaningful connections within local communities. Here are two effective approaches to achieve this:

Local events sponsorship

Discover local Easter events and explore sponsorship opportunities. Consider hosting a booth, offering goods or services, or becoming an official sponsor.

Engaging with the community fosters goodwill and showcases your commitment to it. It also exposes your business to local customers, potentially expanding your customer base.

Here’s a case of a company partnering with a local Easter pop-up event:

Local Easter events sponsorship
Image via Instagram

Charity collaborations

Collaborating with charities for Easter-themed events or campaigns goes beyond mere promotion. It demonstrates corporate social responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Here are some actionable ideas:

  • Cause-related marketing: Implement a campaign where sales of Easter-themed items contribute to charity.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Encourage staff and customers to volunteer at Easter charity events.
  • Collaborative promotions: Partner with a charity to co-create promotional materials centered around Easter.

In conclusion, tailoring your Easter marketing strategy to each channel is essential. The most effective approaches will vary based on your audience, products, and goals.

5 innovative Easter marketing campaigns

Real campaign examples provide tangible illustrations of successful strategies in action. Let’s explore five innovative Easter marketing campaigns that left a lasting impression.

1. Cadbury’s #CadburyBunnyTryouts

Cadbury’s 2023 Easter campaign involved a social media contest. Using the hashtag #CadburyBunnyTryouts, this user-generated content campaign was a huge success.

It invited participants to submit photos of their pets dressed as the Easter bunny. They had the opportunity to win a $5,000 cash prize.

By highlighting rescue pets and backing the ASPCA, Cadbury promoted a noble cause. Additionally, it deepened emotional connections with its audience. In doing so, it drew widespread engagement across various social platforms.

Here’s one of the many contest entries:

Cadbury's #CadburyBunnyTryouts Easter marketing campaign
Image via Instagram

2. Morrison’s Easter recipes

During Easter, Morrison’s, a UK-based supermarket chain, showcased unique recipes. These recipes featured their hazelnut white chocolate spread and other chocolate-based products.

They shared these recipes on social media, featuring their products in the ingredients. Overall, it was a savvy approach to boosting brand visibility and driving sales.

Here’s one of the recipes Morrison’s shared on Instagram:

Easter marketing campaign by Morrison
Image via Instagram

3. Lindt gold bunny hunt

Lindt’s Easter marketing approach centered on their website. It featured an engaging virtual Easter egg hunt. Participants could explore the site to find virtual gold bunnies.

Lindt gold bunny hunt Easter marketing campaign
Image via FLAVE

Successful hunters were rewarded with discounts and prizes. This initiative seamlessly aligns with Lindt’s brand ethos of fun and indulgence. It enhanced customer engagement while reinforcing its image as a playful brand, and its audience enjoyed a memorable experience.

4. Easter email marketing by Tattly

Tattly shows that a brand doesn’t need to be food-related to run Easter marketing campaigns.

The temporary tattoo company created one of the best Easter email examples when it sent out an Easter-themed email to its customers.

The email features creative ways to use their tattoos for decorating eggs. This innovative approach showcases the versatility of their product. The email also directed recipients to their online store, encouraging prompt purchases.

ter email marketing by Tattly
Image via ReallyGoodEmails

5. Township mobile game’s Easter contest

Township, a mobile game, hosted an Easter-themed “cups and balls” contest on Facebook.

Five winners were to receive Township Cash, an in-game currency. The contest was simple and engaging, requiring minimal effort from participants. Thus, it encouraged wide audience participation and enhanced social media engagement:

Township mobile game's Easter contest
Image via Facebook

Maximizing ROI in Easter marketing

Whether you aim to boost Easter sales, attract new customers, or improve brand visibility, you need effective strategies to optimize ROI. Here are key approaches to consider:

1. A/B test campaigns

As marketers, we often think we know what customers want, but they can surprise us. It’s important to continuously test, analyze, and optimize based on their feedback. A/B testing provides the solution to this challenge.

This method compares two versions of a webpage, email, or other marketing asset. It helps you identify what resonates with specific groups and refine your approach.

2. Analyze ROI

If you don’t track ROI, assessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign becomes difficult. Analyzing ROI entails monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). The choice of KPIs will depend on the campaign’s objectives.

Let’s say that your goal is to increase revenue during Easter. In this case, tracking conversion rates and Average Order Value (AOV) is crucial.

Over time, comparing ROI helps pinpoint profitable strategies for resource allocation.

3. Measure campaign effectiveness

It is both possible and important to measure campaign effectiveness beyond metrics. This provides qualitative insights into overall impact, audience sentiment, and behavioral changes. Consider the following strategies:

  • Feedback collection: Gather customer feedback via surveys, interviews, or focus groups.
  • Competitor analysis: Benchmark campaign performance against competitors for strategy refinement.
  • Customer behavior changes: Analyze purchase patterns to gauge campaign influence on consumer actions.
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Wrap up

Easter presents a prime opportunity to boost sales through strategic marketing campaigns. However, executing these initiatives requires careful planning and selecting the right channels.

Remember that there are a lot of Easter marketing ideas worth considering. But success lies in crafting campaigns that resonate with your audience and attract new customers.

Leveraging discounts, gifts, or a blend of both can drive sales during the Easter season. Just make sure you monitor success over time and adjust your strategies to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Edvardas Mikalauskas
Article by
Edvardas Mikalauskas

Edvardas is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. Besides writing and editing all things marketing by day, Edvardas is also an avid tech geek and history buff by night.