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Creative June newsletter ideas for your next email campaign

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Marketers often believe that the secret sauce behind a successful seasonal email campaign is offering huge discounts.

While that can certainly help, it isn’t your only option—and there can be disadvantages to consider.

Sharing engaging content that strikes an emotional chord with your audience is just as valuable.

Mid-year is almost here already, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate! From Father’s Day and the advent of summer Pride Month and Men’s health month, you can try several June newsletter ideas to engage your audience.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • A list of special days and weeks in June
  • Newsletter themes worth exploring
  • June subject line ideas

Let’s get started.

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Most popular occasions in June

There are so many observances in June suited to people of different ages and interests.

Some of these June content ideas will be more relevant to your brand and product than the rest. So scour the list carefully because relevance is key.

  • Father’s Day (third Sunday in June): This is a day to celebrate and honor fathers and father figures. You can send newsletters with gift ideas or offer discounts on men’s products. To add a touch of humor, include “dad jokes” in your email.
  • National Cheese Day (June 4): It celebrates all things cheese. If you’re in the food industry you can share cheese-based recipes or promote your products. If you’re not in the food industry, you can share tempting images of cheese products or facts related to cheese.
  • World Environment Day (June 5): It’s a day to raise awareness about environmental issues. Send emails promoting eco-friendly products, hacks to go green, or other green initiatives.
  • National Donut Day (First Friday in June): An ode to the deliciousness of donuts. Does your brand sell donuts? Go on and offer some discounts, or ask subscribers to share their favorite flavor.
  • National Trails Day (First Saturday in June): A day that spreads awareness about and promotes American trails. It’s an important event for companies in the outdoor, travel, and fitness industries.
  • National Best Friends Day (June 8): This one paves the way for versatile June newsletter ideas. On this day, you can promote BOGO offers, or even send out discount coupons for experiences for two.
  • International Picnic Day (June 18): It emphasizes the importance of relaxation, getaways, and the outdoors. Use your newsletter to recommend picnic snacks and beverages, the best weekend getaways, or the joy of dining under the sky.
  • Juneteenth (June 19): This is a day to honor the end of slavery in the United States. Send a newsletter to educate your readers, amplify black voices, or share how your company celebrates diversity. Juneteenth is a day of social significance, so make sure you’re sensitive and considerate.
  • Summer Solstice (June 20-22): Everyone knows this one—the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. You can send newsletters featuring summer-related products and promotions or seasonal content.
  • Hug Holiday (June 29): This special day is meant to celebrate the health benefits of a warm hug. No matter what your brand is about, you can always send out a newsletter filled with stories of kindness.

Most popular month-long and week-long events in June

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the longer events in June. You can use this email marketing holiday calendar to your advantage and send out relevant newsletters.

Monthly events

  • Pride Month: It is a month-long celebration dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. You can show support by donating to LGBTQ+ organizations or featuring stories of courage and inspiration. If you’re selling something or offering discounts, ensure you don’t derail from the core mission of Pride.
  • Men’s Health Month: This encourages men to improve their lifestyles and take charge of their well-being. Your June newsletter can cover exercises, diet tips, and ways to detect men’s illnesses early. Since mental health is finally getting the spotlight it deserves, that is also an aspect worth exploring.
  • African-American Music Appreciation Month (US): This is an annual celebration to honor the contribution of African-Americans to the music industry. Ramp up your June newsletter by sharing facts and stories featuring your favorite artists.
  • Adopt a Cat Month: June is observed as Adopt a Cat Month because a lot of cats tend to reproduce around this time. Consider giving a shoutout to rescue operations and animal shelters, or speak about the joys of welcoming a cat into one’s family.

Weekly events

  • National Flag Week (June 11 onwards): Starting on June 11 every year, National Flag Week celebrates the creation of the American flag. In your newsletter, include a section dedicated to the event, covering flag-related customs, meanings, etiquette, and history.
  • Fishing and Boating Week (June 3 onwards): Just like National Trails Day, this event encourages spending time outdoors. If your company sells fishing bait and gear, go on and promote it, by all means. If not, you can use your newsletter to talk about off-beat fishing and boating spots, or share tips for newbies to catch their first fish.

Key June newsletter themes

June marks the beginning of summer, which translates to vacations, relaxation, traveling, and spending more time outdoors.

There are many ways to include engaging content around these topics in your June newsletter.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of June content ideas and themes worth exploring.

Outdoor summer adventures

For companies not selling summer-friendly products or services, summertime can often bring in a slump. But a seasonal summer-themed newsletter can help warm up your subscribers to your business.

You can take this opportunity to share ways to get children off the sofa and outdoors.

Is there an organization hosting summer camps in the city? Talk about it. Does your company sell sunscreens or swimming gear? Now’s the time to extend discount coupons and offers.

You can even touch upon summer activities that can lighten up senior citizens’ lives.

Hotel June does this perfectly by capturing the vibe of lazy summer days and even offering an exclusive discount for the summer months.

Also pay attention to the use of soft, pastel colors in the newsletter, which embraces the summer color palette. This further adds to the summer vibe and aesthetic.

Summer foods and drinks

Summer not only calls for picnics and delicious snacks, but fresh produce is also a lot more readily available around this time.

Leverage this, and help your subscribers out by offering creative recipes.

  • Include recipes that feature fresh veggies and herbs, which is especially valuable to kids and seniors.
  • Target young adults by sharing simple ways to make a delicious, refreshing cocktail at home.

Note that June also has events, such as Eat Your Vegetables Day (June 17) and Name Your Poison Day (June 8). You can easily leverage these to offer relevant recipe recommendations!

Plochman Mustard’s newsletter presents subscribers with a list of lip-smacking recipes that feature mustard and fresh produce. It then tells readers that consuming mustard can help with cramps and pain, urging them to buy.

Travel tips and inspiration

For companies in the travel, tourism, and hospitality space, the scope for June newsletter ideas is infinite.

Here are some newsletters tips for better performance:

  • Include envy-inducing imagery, top destinations for a tropical getaway, and smart travel tips.
  • Capture the easiness and playfulness of summertime with fun graphics.
  • Limit the scope of your June newsletter to just one or two things. Pick a theme and stick to it.

June is when people want to laze around, and certainly not spend too much time on their devices, let alone reading newsletters. So, make your email scannable.

In its summer newsletter, Airbnb tempts subscribers to start planning their ‘great getaway.’ It offers three distinct categories of homes geared towards different kinds of travelers.

The newsletter layout is clean and minimalistic, replete with concise copy and earthy colors.

There’s also a useful plug-in reminding readers to load up on some sunscreen.

💡 If you’re looking for design and copy inspiration, try Omnisend’s newsletter templates.

Summer reading lists

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Provide your subscribers with summer beach reads that will transport them elsewhere, or light reads that feel like a vacation for the brain.

Carefully assess your target audience and their interests, and put together a June newsletter recommending books they’d find interesting!

Check out how this newsletter from the Academy of American Poets shares a concise reading list with links to purchase. It also shares recent industry and organization updates.

Summer fashion trends and inspiration

If your brand targets young adults, one of the best June newsletter ideas is to feature summer fashion trends.

Summertime is often when new fashion trends start. And there are just so many occasions to get dressed—think vacations, picnics, and weddings.

Also, environmental sustainability is a growing concern for the modern consumer. So, you can offer value by suggesting ways to repurpose clothing into summer apparel.

If you own a clothing brand, take inspiration from running company Tracksmith’s summer newsletter. Knowing its customers are about to get lots of physical exercises done, the brand highlights a range of clothes designed specifically for warmer temperatures.

Father’s Day celebrations

This is one of the few June newsletter ideas that can be leveraged by most brands, irrespective of the products they sell and their target customers.

Events like Father’s Day are a great way to connect with your audience and even capitalize on holiday spending.

Alternatively, you can keep things fun, and simply make your subscribers laugh. If you sell earphones, maybe make a joke about how we all know a dad who plays videos on their phone at full volume.

Kohler does something similar by mentioning the cleanliness obsession many dads have. In its June newsletter, it directs subscribers to a collection of bidet seats, marketing them as a product ‘for the captain of clean.’

Pride month

Pride-related conversations and campaigns have gained lots of momentum in the past few years.

Today, customers expect brands to take part in the movement in some way or another. Your June newsletter could certainly tap into this theme.

Including stories of inspiration about LGBTQ+ role models, or featuring LGBTQ-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are all great ways to be an ally.

Pride month also presents marketers with the opportunity to play around with colors and introduce freshness to their seasonal campaign.

Peloton’s newsletter is an excellent example.

The newsletter has everything. It starts with Peloton’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Then comes a display of Peloton’s Pride-themed products, ending with a CTA to ‘share what Pride means to you with #RideProud on social.’

Ideas for June email subject lines

Your email’s subject line can make or break your campaign. Recent research shows that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

Here’s a look at a few Father’s Day subject lines that are proven to generate results:

  • You know it’s almost Father’s Day, right?
  • Celebrate Father’s Day like a King! 👑
  • The gift for the dad who has everything 🎁

Want to send emails on other occasions as well? Here’s a list with some more summer email subject lines:

  • Show Your Pride: Celebrate LGBTQ+ Equality with Our June Collection (Pride Month)
  • Get Ready for Summer: Our Favorite Seasonal Products Are Here! (Summer Round-Ups)
  • Summer’s Here: Get Ready for Fun in the Sun with Our Latest Collection (Summer Round-Ups)
  • Beat the Heat: Our Favorite Summer Essentials are Here! (Summer Round-Ups)
  • Don’t Miss Out on Our National Sunglasses Day Sale! (Sunglasses Day)
  • Cheers to National Rosé Day: Special Offers on Our Best-Selling Wines (Rose Day)
  • Happy National Doughnut Day! Enjoy 25% Off Our Sweetest Treats (Doughnut Day)
  • Explore the Great Outdoors: Our Top Trail Essentials (National Trails Day)
  • Shop with a Purpose: Support Black-Owned Businesses this Juneteenth  (Juneteenth)

Wrap up

June is almost here, and now’s the perfect time to start curating a newsletter for the month. Email newsletters are an extremely powerful way to connect with customers and bring them up to speed on your company’s latest news and offers.

And if you’re able to create newsletter content that’s relevant, you’ve already won half the battle. Hopefully, these June newsletter ideas will give you a good headstart.

Some other factors that contribute to a successful newsletter campaign are segmenting audiences, adding a visually-appealing design, and analyzing the performance of past campaigns.

The good thing? Omnisend lets you do all that, and more. It offers amazing email marketing features for ecommerce brands and is the perfect tool to create awesome email newsletters.

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Richard White
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Richard White

Richard is a Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. An avid writer, he's said to have been born holding a pencil. Fascinated by all things handmade, if he's not reading or writing he can often be found practicing leathercraft.

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