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Best 17 WordPress development companies: a comprehensive review

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Run a simple search and you’ll find hundreds of WordPress development companies and agencies offering professional help. Sorting through these myriad options makes finding a reliable company a painful task.

However, don’t make the mistake of solely relying on ratings while overlooking a company’s key criteria like testimonials, expertise, post-launch support, and portfolio.

In this article, we’re sharing the criteria to find the right WordPress development company and the 17 best WordPress agencies for your upcoming website. 

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What does a WordPress development company do?

A WordPress development agency puts together a team of developers, coders, design experts, and testers to customize your WordPress website and launch it within a fixed timeline. 

They can also help with website customization, data migration, website maintenance, and post-launch support so that your site performs its best and offers a great user experience. 

Below are a few advantages of hiring a specialized WordPress web development company: 

  • A customized approach to website development at the hands of an expert team who build and manage your website end-to-end.
  • Nailing down and understanding requirements and target audience accurately, thanks to their years of experience in the field.
  • Keeping data private and security intact.
  • Optimized websites that rank and perform better compared to your competitors.
  • High-quality development in less time. 

Criteria for selecting the best WordPress development companies

What credentials and criteria must you consider before shortlisting the best WordPress agencies for your use case? Let’s take a look at them:

1. Expertise in your field or industry 

Let’s say you’re an ecommerce small business looking to sell products online. It’s best to choose a WordPress agency with prior expertise in helping ecommerce SMBs sell online. 

Also, assess their skills in helping with ecommerce-specific use cases like Shopify plugins, CMS, shipping integrations, and other customizations. 

2. A clear understanding of digital marketing strategies 

WordPress agencies must not be limited to website development. They should also understand the importance of conditioning your website for several digital marketing strategies like email marketing

For example, a leading agency could use tools like Omnisend to enhance a WordPress site’s email marketing efforts, such as running email campaigns on the website, designing custom forms to capture subscribers, and setting up automated email promotions.

 3. Portfolio reviews 

Review an agency’s portfolio to check its track record of helping businesses in your industry. Read through case studies to understand if they’ve worked with project requirements that match your bottom line and the results achieved.

4. Client testimonials 

Since it’s possible for star ratings to be manipulated, it’s important to ensure you’re accessing their past clients’ authentic text or video testimonials.

5. Clear communication 

Communication is key to proper and on-time project management and delivery. Ask how the agency plans its communication and project management and the tools or processes they use. 

Additionally, enquire about the level of support they offer during and post website launch, which is crucial for website maintenance in the long run. 

Want to start selling products on your website using tailored marketing strategies?

Best WordPress development agencies

Based on the above criteria, we’ve gathered the 15 best WordPress development companies to help you shine online:

  1. rtCamp
  2. DevriX
  3. Human Made
  4. 10up
  5. WPWeb Infotech
  6. Multidots
  7. Fixel
  8. WPRiders
  9. Modern Tribe
  10. Jordan Crown Digital
  11. Unlimited WP
  12. WebFX
  13. Noesis.tech
  14. The Code Company
  15. Americaneagle.com
  16. XWP
  17. SpdLoad

1. rtCamp

one of the best WordPress development companies - rtCamp

rtCamp offers enterprise-level website solutions using WordPress. A company with over two decades of experience, they have been helping ecommerce and EdTech companies around the world build a global presence through performant websites.

Key strengths:

  • WordPress migration to migrate from any CMS to WordPress and adapt your website to a modernized digital experience. 
  • Experienced staff across domains that are trained in WordPress, React, and QA engineers and readily available for projects.
  • Maintenance support and QA help to push for faster website launches and accelerate release cycles. 

Services offered: 

  • Staff augmentation
  • Development
  • Managed Services
  • WordPress migration
  • Quality assurance
  • Decoupled architecture

Notable projects:

OpenWeb, Google, Meta, and more.

2. DevriX

one of the best WordPress development companies - DevriX

DevriX is another leading WordPress development agency that offers full-service, scalable website development. The company helps businesses with a “long-term” focus on website development rather than one-off projects. 

They primarily work with ecommerce, SaaS, SMBs, and growing startups. 

Key strengths: 

  • Scalable WordPress for ecommerce brands with WordPress-driven ecommerce solutions to increase revenue and sales. For example, custom API integrations, optimized server setups, and site stability to handle growing traffic. 
  • Dedicated WordPress developers and business consultants to handle strategy and execution. 
  • Offer digital marketing strategies for websites, for example, email marketing, content marketing, and branding.  

Services offered:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Full-stack website development
  • Business consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Open source contributions.

Notable projects:

Dailyfeed, Smart Meetings, and Kustomer.

3. Human Made

one of the best WordPress development companies - Human Made

Human Made is an enterprise WordPress development company that delivers cost-effective, scalable, and customizable web solutions. 

Their portfolio includes working with multiple companies with high-traffic websites. Apart from WordPress development, the company also offers business consultations.

Key strengths: 

  • Greater work transparency, as Human Made pushes for an open source ethos with a software development model that focuses on open collaboration and a client-first approach. 
  • Over 13 years of experience building complex WordPress developments for some of the world’s largest companies. 

Services offered: 

  • WordPress for Enterprise
  • Migrations
  • AI
  • Digital publishers

Notable projects: 

USA Today, Google, Siemens, Skyscanner, and other big names.

4. 10up

one of the best WordPress development companies - 10up

10up is a web development company with years of experience helping businesses and creators with CMS platforms like WordPress. 

The company is a WordPress Gold VIP Partner with multiple big names across industries in their portfolio. 

Key strengths:

  • A full-service agency with a remote team of experienced developers, designers, strategists, and marketers around the globe. 
  • Has developed over 25 free plugins for WordPress websites and contributed to WordPress development projects on the brand’s official page. 

Services offered: 

  • Custom plugin development
  • Website optimization
  • Website design
  • User experience optimization 

Notable projects:

California DMV, Adobe, Variety, AT&T, and more.

5. WPWeb Infotech

Started in 2015, WPWeb Infotech is one of the top WordPress development companies. They have a team of skilled experts capable of creating high-quality, feature-rich, captivating websites. This company has years of experience working with clients of different sizes and industrial domains.

Their focus is everything from startups and small businesses to enterprise-level businesses.

Key Strengths:

  • Creates websites focused on long-term outcomes with the help of design and marketing teams. So the product not only looks and functions well, but is more likely to be appreciated by the target audience.
  • Has dedicated project managers, web designers, QA & testing experts, and marketing professionals to complement the WordPress developers in creating the best possible websites.
  • Offers maintenance packages for WordPress websites, so they don’t encounter any issues after the launch.

Services offered: 

  • Custom WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress Website development
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin customization
  • WordPress Speed Optimization Services 
  • WordPress Maintenance & Support Services
  • WordPress Multisite Development Services
  • WordPress Migration Services

Notable projects:

Automattic, GoDaddy, Foxi Music, Cannabis Content, My Club Group, Sound Choice, Midwest Pet Wholesale

6. Multidots

one of the best WordPress development companies - Multidots

Multidots is another WordPress VIP-partnered website development company. It works with brands needing “mission-critical” and “time-sensitive” WordPress website development projects.

Key strengths:

  • Has a proven track record of handling mission-critical migrations to WordPress smoothly.
  • Can help you scale up and down quickly as resources come and go. 
  • SEO-centric features and plugins to build a strong online presence.
  • Adopts a mobile-first approach to web development and delivers a unified website experience across devices.  

Services offered: 

  • Web development
  • Migration
  • WordPress website performance audits 

Notable projects:

CNN, Accenture, Ask, Tropicana, and more.

7. Fixel

one of the best WordPress development companies - Fixels

Want to work with a small team of developers and designers for your WordPress website? Then Fixel could be your pick.

Fixel has a simple solution for WordPress development and is keen to help new and growing businesses with web and mobile design, CMS integration, and branding. 

Key strengths:

  • Has well-refined processes with a small team that carefully picks projects to keep the service personal and fast. 
  • A very hands-on approach to website development where brands can directly contact the development team and not the support team or managers. 

Services offered: 

  • Website and mobile design
  • Branding
  • Development solutions

Notable projects:

LegitScript, Lia Griffith, GetLab, and more.

8. WPRiders


WPRiders is one of the best WordPress development agencies for SMBs and startups out there. 

The agency has multiple talented coders and skilled project managers who follow a disciplined approach to website programming. 

Key strengths:

  • A one-stop shop to handle end-to-end website development, from business consultation to website maintenance.
  • Has served over 500 clients and built 50+ products and custom plugins.
  • Has built websites for brands across verticals like ecommerce, accounting, agriculture, education, and more.
  • Rated Top International Web Development Company by Clutch in 2023.

Services offered:

  • Website design and development
  • Quality assurance

Notable projects:

RentSmart, Breeze, Versace Ceramics, etc.

9. Modern Tribe

one of the best WordPress development companies - Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a digital marketing agency that brings strong expertise and skills to the table, one of which is WordPress development.

It aims to connect systems, shift data, and craft new interfaces, so brands derive maximum value in the digital space. 

Key strengths:

  • Clear communication processes that push for in-person collaboration between your teams and the agency’s experts throughout the deployment cycle. 
  • A customer-first approach to website design.
  • No one-size-fits-all approach to development, and instead, curates a detailed plan for every use case. 

Services offered: 

  • Ecommerce solutions
  • WordPress and CMS development
  • WordPress Plugins and Integrations 

Notable projects:

BigCommerce, Harvard University, eBay Motors and Mobile, etc.

10. Jordan Crown Digital

Jordan Crown Digital

Jordan Crown is a web design company with a small agile team of WordPress developers who you can work closely with and bring your ideas to life. The team has worked with hundreds of companies over the last decade.

Key strengths:

  • A small internal and agile team acts as an extension of your company.
  • They let you take control of your website’s logic and design by setting the foundation and guiding you along the way.
  • Post-launch support and continuous collaboration to maintain website efficiency. 

Services offered:

  • WordPress development
  • Web design
  • Digital strategy

Notable projects:

Bluetooth, Audix, Compass Health, and more. 

11. Unlimited WP

one of the best WordPress development companies - Unlimited WP

Unlimited WP is a WordPress white-label development agency with a team of over 90 web developers, project managers, and designers. 

They aim to help digital agencies with everyday development support or one-off, time-specific projects. You can choose a plan based on the number of hours of development support you may need, and the company instantly assigns a team to deliver the project.

Key strengths:

  • Apart from regular WordPress development tasks, the agency offers help for out-of-the-box tasks like database migration, custom theme development, REST API integration, and more. 
  • Specializes in building and customizing site-specific plugins for extensibility. 
  • Flexible pricing based on hourly rates that are suitable for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. 

Services offered:

  • Site speed optimization
  • Plugin customization
  • New WordPress site development
  • Funnel setup

Notable projects:

Not specified

12. WebFX


WebFX is a digital marketing agency offering WordPress development services. They have clients across sectors like B2B, B2C, and ecommerce. 

WebFX is also a Google Premium partner and has over 25 years of experience in web design.

Key strengths:

  • An award-winning team helps you build SEO-friendly websites and assigns a dedicated project manager and development team.
  • Offers responsive web design services to enhance user experience across all devices and touchpoints. 
  • Offers help with SEO strategies to boost a website’s Google ranking and visibility. 

Services offered:

  • WordPress web development and design
  • User experience testing
  • Landing page design

Notable projects:

Hilton, YMCA, Fujifilm, and others.

13. Noesis.tech

one of the best WordPress development companies - Noesis.tech

Noesis.tech is a web and app development company focusing on ecommerce solutions. They help create technology products like websites, apps, and plugins for growing businesses and startups building their online store from scratch.

Key strengths: 

  • Ecommerce brands can benefit the most as Neosis offers a complete web and app solution for online stores.
  • Takes care of SEO, CRO, backend services, and seamless integration with your internal stack.

Services offered: 

  • Website development and design
  • Custom plugin development
  • CRO
  • SEO

Notable projects:

Netflix, Colgate, Dabur, Kay Beauty, and more.

14. The Code Company

The code company

The Code Company is a digital publishing and website development company with specialist WordPress engineers that fix complex publishing problems. 

It offers custom engineering services that align with your use case and business goals.

Key strengths:

  • Creates frictionless digital experiences with an SEO mindset
  • Day-to-day maintenance support and direct access to WordPress engineers.
  • Helps upskill your internal team with the latest technological developments during the project’s timeline. 

Services offered:

  • Digital publishing
  • Website development and design
  • Website migrations

Notable projects:

eBay Ads, SBS Media, Nine, etc.

15. Americaneagle.com


Americaneagle.com is an enterprise WordPress development agency offering WP support, development, theme, plugin assistance, and other implementations. 

The company has completed over 500 WordPress projects and 300+ migrations since its inception.

Key strengths:

  • A WordPress VIP Gold partner that offers content management, digital security, and other services apart from website development.
  • Enhances website functionalities with exclusive WordPress development tools.
  • Actively contributes to WordPress events, themes, and plugins. 

Services offered:

  • Ecommerce development
  • WordPress design and development
  • Migrations
  • Digital marketing

Notable projects:

Dom’s Kitchen and Market, Fitness World Canada, and Amentum.

16. XWP


XWP is a top WordPress development company trusted by multiple Fortune 500 companies, thanks to their on-demand product teams and WordPress pioneers. 

They aim to build world-class websites for enterprise media and tech companies and supercharge user experience.

Key strengths:

  • Have delivered solutions for multiple big names like Google and Forbes.
  • A performance-centric web agency that focuses on solely crafting customized digital experiences for you and your target audience. 

Services offered:

  • Web design and development
  • CMS migrations
  • Theme and Plugin development

Notable projects:

PMC, Google, Forbes, Variety, and more.

17. SpdLoad

one of the best WordPress development companies - SpdLoad

SpdLoad delivers bespoke WordPress solutions to foster engaging digital experiences with enterprise-level performance. They offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique challenges of WordPress development.

SpdLoad uses advanced techniques such as caching, image optimization, and code efficiency to enhance page loading times and improve SEO.

Key strengths:

  • Experience in developing innovative SaaS solutions: SpdLoad has over 10 years of experience in this area, contributing to their strong track record.
  • Customer satisfaction and engagement: They have impressive customer satisfaction rates and a history of long-term customer cooperation.
  • Recognition and testimonials: Their work and team have been positively reviewed and featured in well-known magazines and technology resources (Clutch, Forbes, Insider).
  • Services offered:

    • Web, App, MVP, SaaS, Marketplace development
    • UX/UI Design
    • Software testing and QA
    • Product discovery phase

    Notable Projects:

    ResoX, ShortPoint, Studicon.

    How to get started with a WordPress development company

    Here’s a quick-start guide for any business looking to start working with a WordPress development company:

    Step 1: Project scoping—discovering requirements and objectives 

    Collaborate with the agency’s Project or Relationship Manager to explain your project requirements, business goals, audience, products, services, and other organizational intricacies. 

    This information ensures they’re on the same page as you and work with their WordPress developers or engineers to create a specific design based on your business needs. 

    Step 2: Budgeting  

    Request project outlines, resources, timelines, deliverables, and costs to assess if they fit into your budget. 

    Make sure you review the contract to pinpoint inclusions and exclusions to avoid overhead costs in the long run. 

    Step 3: Customization 

    Most agencies, post-budgeting and contract agreements, step into the strategy stage which involves:

    • Designing a custom approach for every business’ unique use case
    • Creating customized content strategies designed to maximize conversions
    • Establishing an effective user interface for the target market
    • Identifying appropriate user experience and marketing strategies 

    Understand the agency’s collaboration model to keep track of the above aspects. 

    Step 4: Designing 

    In this stage, you may work closely with the agency’s development team to assess website design mockups and prototypes. The design stage could also involve iterative work until your goals are met.

    Step 5: Website development and testing 

    Development is often the most time-consuming stage, so stay in touch with the development team to ensure timely deliveries and testing. 

    Step 6: Website launch 

    In this stage, make sure the agency offers adequate training to your internal team for seamless transition and customization walk-throughs. This way, your team is aware of the site configuration and administration. 

    Ensure your chosen agency provides continuous post-launch support.

    Wrap up

    The right web development company must bring cutting-edge tools, years of proven expertise, and flexible budgeting to the table.

    So before working with a WordPress development company, ensure you’re verifying its portfolio, testimonials, collaboration models, and digital marketing strategies for a conversion-optimized website.

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    Bernard Meyer
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    Bernard Meyer

    Bernard is the Sr. Director of Communications & Creative at Omnisend, with a passion for good research, helping ecommerce businesses with their marketing automation needs, and beating absolutely everyone in Mario Kart 64.