Email Marketing

How To Adjust Your Email Messages For Millennials
Millennials are kings of eCommerce. They have more spending power than any other generation. The blog post speaks how to approach millennials via email.
Shopify Abandoned Cart: 3 Examples Of Winning Back Your Sales
Shopify Abandoned Cart: 3 Examples Of Winning Back Your Sales
Sending these Shopify abandoned cart email follow-ups can be your commercial advantage. Let's look at 3 great examples you can use in your store today.
Shopify Email Setup: 2 Options To Get The Job Done
Fighting SPAM filters; must-know when creating your professional email address & adding to Shopify store; and 2 options to get Shopify email set up done.
Unique Scratch Card Within The Interactive Holiday Email
It is a new Omnisend feature that allows you to cheer up your subscribers with an interactive email and double or even triple a click rate!
The 10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines for Small Businesses This Summer
For my research "email subject lines for small businesses" I chose young online stores with still modest but fresh mailing lists &strongly engaged customers
Voice Tone in the Newsletter
If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider professional, respectful, but non-formal and friendly voice tone in the newsletter. Let me explain why.
Why Users’Segmentation Rocks in Email Marketing
Segmentation in email marketing can get your way to newsletters being more opened, read and better resulted in sales. This post will show how.
A Look at the Gmail Promotions Tab Since Its Introduction
It’s two years since the Gmail Promotions Tab was released. Let’s look what influence it has had since its introduction.
Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Is Coming into Force
CASL is considered to be one of the toughest anti-spam laws so far.The thing is, the law prohibits sending all commercial messages unless you've agreed.
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