The Best Christmas Email Subject Lines to Supercharge Your Holiday Campaigns


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Whitney Blankenship
Content Marketing Manager
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Black Friday has come and gone, and you’ve probably not even had a chance to catch your breath. But it’s time to take what you’ve learned about your Black Friday email subject lines, and apply it to the rest of the holiday season.

In this article, I’m going to tackle how to write the perfect Christmas email subject lines to get your emails opened, clicked, and converted.

Are you ready to boost your Christmas email game?

What We Can Apply from Black Friday to Christmas Email Subject Lines

Just because you perfected your Black Friday email subject lines doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch for Christmas. While Black Friday is the highlight of the holiday shopping season, you can pack an extra punch by using much of the same powerful words that worked for Black Friday in your Christmas email subject lines.

Because, while the term “Black Friday” worked really well for open and click through rate, it wasn’t the best performing term in email subject lines:


The best words to use are ones you can directly apply to your Christmas email subject lines like “holiday” which had the highest click through rate in the top list, and “free” which also proved successful.

The top five terms that boosted open and click through rate during Black Friday weekend:

WordsOpen RateClick Through Rate
Holiday 23.6%3.2%
Black Friday22.1%4.5%
Cyber Monday20.7%3.8%

“Free” is always a popular choice- and the open and click through rates from our Black Friday data. While it’s not the strongest (by a tiny margin) in open rate, the click through rate is fantastic.

“Holiday” is also an extremely popular choice, coming in at the highest open rate. While the click through rate is the lowest among the top five, seasoned email marketers know that a 3.2% CTR is nothing to cast off.

Finally, “sale” is always a winner, even with a slightly lower open rate, the word boosts click through rate to 4.7%.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, there are three higher performing words on this list that fit really well into your Christmas email subject lines.

For example:

  • “Christmas is here! Save on our Holiday Sale Now!”
  • Holiday Sale! [Free Shipping!]
  • Holiday Shipping Free Through This Weekend!
  • Christmas Sale: Buy One Get One Free!

And if you really wanted to, you could test how “Black Friday” works after the shopping weekend:

  • Today only: Post-Black Friday Sale- Get 70% Off!
  • Black Friday Continues at [Brand Store]

The Best Terms to Use for Your Christmas Email Subject Lines

Over the years, we marketers have used a slew of words to talk about Christmas. Sometimes we shorten it to “x-mas,” sometimes we use the all-inclusive “Happy Holidays.” We also love to nitpick over which words, tones, and punctuation would be absolutely perfect to make that sale.

Your email subject lines are no different- which of the three is best to use?


“Happy Holidays” still performs well in terms of open rate, but click through rate drops. Using “Christmas” works the best for click through rate, even with a slightly lower open rate. Of the three, “x-mas” performs the worst, but still does relatively well.

My advice? Use “now.”

Christmas vs Happy Holidays vs X-Mas: The Top Performers

You know the data- now it’s time for some inspiration. Here are our top performing Christmas email subject lines based on “Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” and “X-Mas.”

What Christmas Email Subject Lines Bring:

  • “Treat yourself to fine home Hi-Fi Audio with our Pre-Christmas Specials…”
    • Open Rate: 55%
    • CTR: 29.3%
    • Open Rate: 53.5%
    • CTR: 26.8%
  • “LilyPad Christmas Wish List”
    • Open Rate: 49.9%
    • CTR: 3.4%
  • “Merry Christmas to our audiophile community…”
    • Open Rate: 46.8%
    • CTR: 18%
  • “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Brand]”
    • Open Rate: 46.8%
    • CTR: 21.9%

The best performing email subject lines of the “Merry Christmas” variety had some insane open and click through rates. At a 55% open rate and a nearly 30% CTR, it’s definitely worth a try.

Where X-Mas Leaves Us:

  • “Shipping for Xmas Delivery”
    • Open Rate: 34%
    • Click Rate: 2.1%
  • “New RDQ motors and last minute Xmas gift ideas”
    • Open Rate: 33.9%
    • CTR: 5.5%
    • Open Rate: 31.4%
    • CTR: 3.4%
  • “Bake up a Merry Merry Xmas! Gift sets and bakeware from $3.50 only!!”
    • Open Rate: 18.8%
    • CTR: 1%
  • “15% OFF!! Code GIFT15 ! Ends in 24 hours! Last chance for Xmas delivery!”
    • Open Rate: 18.6%
    • CTR: 3.8%

As we can see, simply subbing out “Christmas” for “Xmas” drops open and click through rate considerably. But how does “Holiday” perform?

What Happy Holidays Have to Offer:

  • “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Brand]”
    • Open Rate: 46.8%
    • CTR: 21.9%
  • “Happy Holidays”
    • Open rate: 31.9%
    • CTR: 3.1%
  • “Happy Holidays and a Gift for You”
    • Open Rate: 27.8%
    • CTR: 0.2%
  • “Happy Holidays- [Brand]”
    • Open Rate: 27.2%
    • CTR: 29.6%
  • “Happy Holidays From [Brand]!”
    • Open Rate: 26.9%
    • CTR: 9.2%

While CTR ultimately depends on the content of the email, your subject lines also influence a customer’s decision to go to your store. However, email subject lines shine the most when they can get that initial open.

What we can see here is that both “Holiday” and “Christmas” leave “Xmas” in the dust, with “Christmas” performing the best in both open and click through rates. However, regardless of how our subject lines perform, you should use what works best for your customers.

Christmas Email Subject Lines: Biggest Takeaways

When crafting your perfect Christmas email subject lines, you’ll have the most success if you use:

  • The formats that worked best for you during Black Friday – Cyber Monday
  • Words like “Now,” “Free,” and “Holiday”
  • “Christmas” over “x-mas” and “happy holidays” (provided “Christmas” works better for your customers

Like I mentioned before, you should always do what’s best for your customers. When you study your own Christmas email subject lines, you can write the best ones for your open and click through rates.

What are your best Christmas email subject lines? Let us know below!

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