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123 best Christmas email subject lines for 2024

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Do you think you need to craft fresh and unique Christmas email subject lines each year for them to be effective?

Well, that’s not entirely true. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

With so many great Christmas email subject lines available online, you can simply tweak and reuse them. Why waste time creating something from scratch when you can perfect already great subject lines?

In this post, you’ll find 123 best Christmas email subject lines to draw inspiration from, for your holiday campaign this festive season. Go ahead, check them out and use what you like.

Top 10 words used in Christmas email subject lines

After performing a semantic word analysis, we have some more insights to share:

  1. For a few years in a row, the most common words in Christmas subject lines remained “off” and “sale.” This proves that deal offers continue.
  2. “Christmas” is much more popular than “Holidays”.
  3. When it comes to a “Merry Xmas”, “Merry Christmas”, and “Happy Holidays” comparison, as these three phrases have a similar meaning, none of these three combinations were very popular. “Merry Christmas” was mentioned in less than 2% of all subject lines, while the other two phases appeared in even fewer cases.
  4. Although action words mostly didn’t make it to the top 10, the most popular examples were: “get”, “save”, and “don’t miss”.
  5. And although “Shipping” was left down in the #11 position, it also played a significant role in Christmas email subject lines.
A graph showcasing top 10 words used in Christmas email subject lines
Most popular words used in Christmas subject lines and their frequency

Top 22 Christmas email subject lines

Subject lineOpen rateIndustry
🎁 Holiday Special48%Food & Beverages
Hydras Back in Stock this Saturday!48%Jewelry & Accessories
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Brand] 🎁 46%Computer & Electronics
A note from Santa’s Workshop40%Jewelry & Accessories
Exciting Last Minute Christmas Ideas & Offers!40%Computer & Electronics
🎁 You’ve Got a Present from [brand name]43%Fashion & Apparel
Order Now for Delivery by Christmas!39%Computer & Electronics
🎄 Merry Christmas, Let’s Thank You 🎄 39%Jewelry & Accessories
Today Only! Green Monday 🎉 Apple Sale!37%Computer & Electronics
Gold is for the Holidays! 🎉 37%Jewelry & Accessories
Giving Tuesday – Buy One, Give One35%Fashion & Apparel
Have Your Seen Christmas Gifts Guide? 🎁 35%Jewelry & Accessories
Christmas Sale has started plus a few new fabrics & ideas for you34%Fashion & Apparel
Want It by Christmas 🎁 34%Jewelry & Accessories
Last-minute delivery34%Toys & Games
Hohoho Wonder What Pens Santa Will Bring 🎅 33%Jewelry & Accessories
SHOP YOUR SIZE 👉33%Fashion & Apparel
Last Chance to get your orders before Christmas- Free Domestic Shipping!!32%Jewelry & Accessories
40% OFF Ending at Midnight!31%Fashion & Apparel
Reindeer fly fast. So do these offers!!31%Fashion & Apparel
Sale Starts 11 am ⏲️30%Fashion & Apparel
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The key takeaway here is that the subject lines that mentioned delivery by Christmas left others in the dust. Customers are interested in last-minute offers and urgent delivery. That’s why it might be wise to consider investing in urgent shipping possibilities and clearly communicate that in your Christmas sales subject lines.

Also, it would be wise to use scarcity: “only today,” “ends at midnight,” “last minute,” etc. These power words helped retailers to generate great open rates.

And don’t forget to share the holiday mood with emojis if they fit your brand identity. These small little icons help subject lines to stand out and convey positive vibes.

General Christmas email subject lines

These all-purpose Christmas email lines can be used by anyone to spruce up their holiday email campaigns:

1. 🎄 Celebrate the Season: Unwrap Our Special Christmas Offers!

2. ✨ Sparkle and Shine with Our Festive Deals!

3. 🎁 The Perfect Gift Awaits: Discover Our Holiday Collection!

4. 🎅 Santa’s Secret: Exclusive Discounts Just for You!

5. 🌟 Light Up Your Christmas with Dazzling Offers!

6. 🌨️ Winter Wonderland Awaits: Cozy Up with Our Deals!

7. 🔔 Jingle All the Way to Savings – Shop Now!

8. 🕊️ Peace, Love, and Holiday Savings: Our Gift to You!

9. 🛍️ Deck Your Halls with Our Festive Finds!

10. 🎶 Silent Night, Sparkling Offers – Unwrap Yours Today!

11. A Season of Joy: Embrace the Christmas Spirit with Us!

12. Countdown to Christmas: Daily Deals to Delight!

13. Warm Wishes and Hot Deals: Your Holiday Guide Inside!

14. Season’s Greetings: Special Offers for a Special Time of Year!

15. Holiday Magic Inside: Make This Christmas Unforgettable!

Here’s a perfect Christmas email example by MacPaw. With a lucrative discount and a clear CTA, the email encourages holiday shoppers to gift a license to their friends. It plays right into the holiday gifting spirit and is a great way to bring in new customers.

MacPaw general Christmas email example
Image via Really Good Emails

Funny Christmas email subject lines

If you want to add a touch of humor to your holiday emails, then these funny Christmas email subject lines are perfect for you. Use these to bring a smile to your subscribers’ faces.

1. 🎅 “Ho Ho Ho! Santa’s Got a Joke for You!

2. Unwrap a Chuckle: Our Holiday Sale is No Joke! 🎁

3. Yule Laugh Out Loud at These Deals! 🤣

4. Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip!

5. Jingle All the Way to Savings – No Sleigh Required! 🛷

6. Making a List, Checking It Twice: Unbeatable Discounts Inside! 📜

7. Elf-Approved Savings: They’re a Real Treat! 🍪

8. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Deals 🎄

9. Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle – Shop Stress-Free! 🎀

10. Santa’s Not the Only One Coming to Town – Check Our Offers! 🎉

11. Sleigh Your Holiday Shopping with Our Discounts! 🛍️

12. Have a Holly Jolly Shopping Experience! 🎅🌟

13. Fa La La La Fabulous Deals Inside! 🎶

14. 🦌 “Rudolph’s Red Hot Discounts – Brighter Than His Nose!

15. Naughty or Nice, These Deals are Just Right! 🎁👍

Check out this email example by Uncommon Goods with the subject line—🎅A certain Mr. Claus gets his gift ideas from us🎁. The subject line and the reverse twist on “Ho Ho Ho” add a touch of humor to an otherwise regular Christmas email.

Uncommon Goods funny Christmas email example
Image via Really Good Emails

Merry Christmas email subject lines

These are classic Christmas subject lines that greet the readers with a hearty Christmas wish. If you simply want to spread the holiday joy, these Merry Christmas email subject lines are perfect for you.

1. Wishing You a Merry Christmas🎄and Joyful Holidays!

2. Merry Christmas 🌟 – Unwrap Our Special Gift to You!

3. 🎅 It’s Time to Be Merry! Merry Christmas From Us to You!

4. Celebrate the Season – Merry Christmas and Happy Deals! 🎁

5. 🦌 Reindeer-Approved Savings for a Merry Christmas!

6. A Merry Christmas 🧦 Stocking Surprise Just for You!

7. 🍪 Sweet Treats and Merry Christmas Wishes Inside!

8. Merry Christmas 🤶 – Discover Santa’s Favorite Picks!

9. 🎉 Pop Open Some Joy with Our Merry Christmas Offers!

10. Feel the Magic – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎆

11. 🎶 Singing Loud for All to Hear: Merry Christmas and Cheer!

12. Merry Christmas 🛍️ – Your Holiday Shopping Starts Here!

13. 🎊 A Festive Cheer for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

14. Merry Christmas Wishes and 🛷 Sleigh-loads of Savings!

15. 🕯️Light Up Your Holiday with Merry Christmas Specials!

Check out this Christmas email by Withings with a festive subject line—Merry & very bright gift idea. It’s simple and offers something for the reader to buy for themselves and gift to their loved ones.

Withings merry Christmas email example
Image via Really Good Emails

Last-minute Christmas email subject lines

You can target the last-minute shoppers with Christmas sales subject lines that create a sense of urgency. Here are 15 great examples of last-minute Christmas email subject lines.

1. ⏰ Last Chance! Grab Your Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Now!

2. 🎄 Quick! It’s Not Too Late for Last-Minute Christmas Magic!

3. 🎁 Last-Minute Christmas Deals – Hurry, They Won’t Last Long!

4. Tick Tock, Tick Tock 🕒 – Last-Minute Christmas Countdown!

5. 🦌 Rudolph’s Rush! Last-Minute Christmas Savings Inside!

6. 🎅 Santa’s Alert: Last-Minute Christmas Offers End Soon!

7. 🛷 Sleigh Your Last-Minute Christmas Shopping with Us!

8. 🤶 Mrs. Claus Recommends: Last-Minute Christmas Lifesavers!

9. 🌟 Last-Minute Christmas Stars – Deals That Shine Bright!

10. 🔔 Jingle All the Way to Our Last-Minute Christmas Bargains!

11. 💌 Last-Minute Christmas Wishes – Special Offers Just for You!

12. ⛄ Snow Joke – These Last-Minute Christmas Deals Are Hot!

13. 🕯️ Light Up Your Holiday with Last-Minute Christmas Finds!

14. 🧦 Stocking Up Last Minute? Christmas Deals Inside!

15. 🍪 Sweet Last-Minute Christmas Treats – Grab Them Before They’re Gone!

This email by Moonshot is a perfect example of a last-minute Christmas email done right. The subject line “Last call for holiday shopping!” and the first heading in the email create a sense of urgency and encourage prompt purchases.

Moonshot last-minute Christmas email example
Image via Really Good Emails

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    Catchy Christmas email subject lines

    Using a catchy subject line is a great way to immediately grab your audience’s attention and make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. Here are 15 catchy Christmas email subject lines to inspire you for your holiday email marketing campaign.

    1. 🎄 ‘Yule’ Not Believe These Christmas Deals!”

    2. 🎁 Unwrap a Surprise! Exclusive Christmas Offers Inside!”

    3. 🌟 Make Your Holidays Shine Brighter with Our Specials!”

    4. 🦌 Dash Through Our Holiday Discounts – Faster than Rudolph!”

    5. 🕯️ Light Up Your Inbox – Sparkling Christmas Offers Await!”

    6. 🍪 Treat Yourself! Sweet Christmas Savings Just for You!”

    7. 🛷 Sleigh, What? Amazing Christmas Finds You Can’t Miss!”

    8. 🎅 ‘Santa’-sational Savings This Christmas Season!”

    9. ❄️ Freeze! Cool Christmas Deals Just Landed!”

    10. 🤶 Secrets from Mrs. Claus: Exclusive Holiday Bargains!”

    11. 🎶 Jingle Bell Rock Bottom Prices – Christmas Edition!”

    12. 🧦 Stuff Your Stockings with Our Christmas Bonanza!”

    13. 🍷 Cheers to Festive Fares and Christmas Flares!”

    14. ⛄ Building the Perfect Holiday Sale – Snow Much Fun!”

    15. 🎉 Wrap Up Your Christmas Shopping with a Bang!”

    Check out this email by Fleur & Bee with a catchy subject line—🎅 Straight from Santa’s bag. It immediately creates excitement in readers to find out what deals the company is offering this holiday season. Here’s the email copy, which offers priority shipping for a limited time to encourage prompt purchases.

    Fleur & Bee catchy Christmas email example
    Image via Really Good Emails

    Christmas gift newsletter subject lines

    There’s no better way to drive more sales for Christmas than to tap into the holiday gifting spirit. These subject lines are perfect for encouraging people to buy gifts for their loved ones during the Holidays. Check them out:

    1. 🎁 Unwrap the Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas in Our Newsletter!

    2. 🌟 Shine Bright This Holiday Season with Our Gift Guide!

    3. Find Your Festive 🎄: Top Christmas Gifts Revealed!

    4. 🎅 Santa’s Secret List: Exclusive Gift Ideas Inside!

    5. 🛍️ Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Christmas Gift Edition!

    6. 🦌 Rudolph Recommends: Unique Gifts for Everyone!

    7. 🕯️ Light Up Their Faces with Our Christmas Gift Picks!

    8. 🤶 Mrs. Claus’ Top Gift Choices for a Merry Christmas!

    9. 🍪 Sweet Surprises: Tasty Gift Ideas for Christmas!

    10. 🍷 Cheers to the Season: Wine Lovers’ Christmas Gift Guide!

    11. ⛄ Frosty’s Favorites: Cool Gifts for a Warm Christmas!

    12. 🧦 Stocking Stuffer Sensations in Our Latest Newsletter!

    13. 🎶 Harmonize Your Holidays with Musical Gift Ideas!

    Here’s an email by Straightforward that taps into the holiday gifting spirit and encourages people to buy gifts for their family and friends. It further encourages purchases with a buy 1 gift 1 offer.

    Straightforward Christmas gift email example
    Image via Really Good Emails

    Post-Christmas email subject lines

    Don’t let the holiday shopping spirit fade out—offer exclusive discounts to prospects in your post-Christmas emails. Here are some of the best Christmas email subject lines to drive post-holiday purchases.

    1. 🎁 New Year, New Deals: Post-Christmas Savings Inside!

    2. 🌟 Missed Christmas? It’s Not Too Late for Great Deals!

    3. 🛍️ The Festivity Continues: Post-Christmas Specials Await!

    4. 🎉 Keep the Celebration Going with Our Exclusive Offers!

    5. ❄️ Winter Wonders: Post-Christmas Magic in Every Offer!

    6. 🎅 Santa Might Be Gone, But Our Deals Are Still Here!

    7. 🕯️ Brighten Up January with Our Post-Christmas Cheer!

    8. 🍪 Still Craving Holiday Treats? Find More Inside!

    9. 🛷 Sleigh Your Post-Christmas Shopping Blues Away!

    10. 🥂 Toast to the New Year with Our Post-Holiday Sales!

    11. 🎶 The Caroling’s Over, but Our Discounts Play On!

    12. ⛄ Snowed in with Savings: Post-Christmas Deals Just for You!

    13. 🎊 Wrapping Up the Holidays with Unbeatable Bargains!

    This email by Readdle gets people nostalgic about the past year and provides stats on how people used Readdle to achieve their goals. This helps the company stay connected with its customers and build a sense of community and loyalty.

    Readdle post-Christmas email example
    Image via Really Good Emails

    Christmas email subject lines: biggest takeaways

    Your Christmas email subject lines can determine the success or failure of your holiday campaigns. A catchy subject line will grab people’s attention and get more people to open your holiday emails and make purchases.

    Here are some key tips to craft winning Christmas email subject lines:

    • Use a hearty Christmas greeting to make the readers feel special
    • Use humor to draw attention and bring a smile to people’s faces
    • Create a sense of urgency to get last-minute shoppers to make purchases
    • Use catchy subject lines to get more opens for your emails
    • Tap into the holiday spirit and urge people to buy gifts for their loved ones
    • Keep the festivities going with post-Christmas emails

    And if you need some design inspiration, check our professional-looking, responsive email newsletter templates for Holiday and Christmas emails.

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