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24 thank you email templates & examples for ecommerce

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Sending a thank you email is a crucial aspect of building and strengthening relationships with your customers, and thank you email templates can help automate the process. It shows your gratitude and appreciation. This, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty and customer value.

Every business can benefit from saying “thank you” to their customers. Merchants often thank customers in a physical store. It’s equally important to do this in your online store. Automated thank you emails ensure that your message of gratitude is sent immediately after a purchase or other trigger event.

In this article, we’ll cover a range of scenarios where sending a thank you email is appropriate, including when a customer makes a purchase, subscribes to your newsletter, provides feedback, or leaves a review. You’ll find a variety of thank you email templates and examples from popular brands to inspire your email marketing strategy.

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Drive more sales with pre-built and automated thank you emails

What is a thank you email?

A thank you email is an automated message sent to customers to express gratitude for their actions, such as purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or providing feedback. These emails are triggered by specific customer behaviors designed to acknowledge and appreciate their engagement with your business.

10 automated thank you email templates for customers

Using automated thank you email templates helps you say thanks and express gratitude quickly, making your customers feel appreciated.

Here are some templates you can use to express your gratitude when thanking customers for their orders, subscribers for subscribing, and more.

1. Thank you and social proof

You can send this email to customers on the day their package is delivered.

[branded image or collage of happy customers’ photos featured on social media]

Thank you for choosing us!

We appreciate your trust and want to get to know you better.

As soon as you get your package, tag us in your photos and we’ll highlight them in our stories.

Let’s create some beautiful moments together!

[CTA – big social icons]

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2. Thank you for your order

You can use this email to replace the standard confirmation order or receipt email.

[branded image or typographic image with “Thank you” ]

Dear [Customer name],

Thank you for your order.

We truly value our loyal customers. Thanks for making us who we are!

As a token of our appreciation, here’s a 15% off coupon for your next purchase.

[discount code block with CTA]

Here’s what you ordered this time:

[Table with products purchased]

3. Thank you and review

You can send this email out to customers on the day after their package is delivered.

Dear [Customer name],

Thanks for shopping with us!

Your feedback is important to us. Would you mind writing a short review of your last purchase?

[Table of products purchased with CTA to review page]

Thank you once again,

The [brand name] team

4. Thank you and review

Send this email out to a segment all the customers who have recently bought more than two products.

Hey [Customer name],

You recently purchased some of our products. Thanks a lot!

We’d like to know how you like them. Did you have a chance to try them all?

[CTA to review products]

[Table of recently purchased items]

Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

5. Thank you and simple order confirmation

This order confirmation email should be sent out immediately after the customer has made the purchase.

Hi [customer name],

Thanks for your order!

[Order number]
[Order Date]
[Estimated time of delivery]

[Table of items purchased]

[Delivery details]

The [brand name] team

6. Thank you and longer order confirmation

Similar to above, this order confirmation email should be sent out immediately after the customer has made the purchase.

Thank you for visiting us!

We hope you love your new [product], which will arrive on [estimated delivery time].

[Table of items purchased]

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to share your thoughts, email us at [your email].

Need to make a return? Check out how to do it quickly: [link to return policy]

[Your brand name]

7. Thank you for placing the second order

This is yet another order confirmation email. Send it exclusively to customers who have completed their second purchase.

Hey [customer name],

We’re happy to know that you enjoyed your first purchase with us.

We can’t thank you enough for choosing us again!

[Order details]

[Estimated time of delivery]

[Shipping information]

Here’s our token of appreciation: Use code “LOYALTY20” at checkout for a 20% discount on your next order.

See you soon,

The [brand name] team

8. Thank you for your loyalty

Send this email to celebrate a customer’s loyalty after shopping with your brand for a certain number of years.

Dear [customer name],

We are thrilled to celebrate a special milestone with you today.

[X] years ago today, you joined the [brand name] family.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Here’s to many more incredible years together!


The [brand name] team

9. Thank you for writing the review

When a customer leaves you a review, show gratitude by sending them a thank you email.

Hi [customer name],

Thank you for taking the time to review us.

Your feedback means the world to us and will help us improve our [products or services].

Thanks again for your continued support.

We look forward to serving you soon.

The [brand name] team.

10. Thank you for participating in a product giveaway

Send this email shortly after the product giveaway event has ended or the winners have been announced.

Hey [customer name],

We were so happy to see you participate in our product giveaway!

Your presence made the event truly special.

As a thank you gesture, we have a surprise for you.

Enjoy [a special discount/free gift/exclusive offer] on your next purchase.

Once again, thank you for being a valued [brand name] member!

Benefits of sending thank you emails

A thank you email doesn’t only show that you’re polite. There are more benefits to this kind of message.

For example:

  1. Helps you establish two-way communication with your customer: They show interest in your company, and you react to that by showing gratitude
  2. Helps establish business credibility and trust: Automated messages are always relevant and are sent when the customer expects them
  3. Remind your customers of your beliefs and how much you value them
  4. Incentivize your customers: offer discounts, gifts, and other incentives to come back again
  5. The perfect chance to request something: invite your customers to follow you on social media, introduce a loyalty program, or write a review

Now that you know the many ways an automated thank you email can benefit you, you’ll be pleased to discover that setting one up is extremely easy. In this video, you’ll learn precisely how to do it:

14 thank you email examples

Let’s look at a few different thank you email examples you can adapt and use for your own business.

“Thank you for subscribing” email templates

This one is also known as a welcome email and is one of the most popular and vital thank you emails. It should be sent automatically to every new newsletter subscriber, or community member.

Take a look at the examples below:

1. Alastin

alastin example of welcome email and thank you email

This welcome email from the Alastin brand is another example of an excellent “thank you for subscribing” email template. The design is simple, and the copy is written to make you feel like you’ve just been made part of something exclusive.

It then gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with the brand, including visiting a collection of their bestsellers and learning more through their skincare blog.

2. Baking Steel

Baking Steel’s thank you email is straightforward and effective. While a welcome or thank you note at the top would’ve been a valuable addition, the rest of the email is bound to engage subscribers.

It immediately captures attention with images of delicious home-baked pizzas. Then, users are quickly introduced to Baking Steel products, their unique features, and their value. Moreover, the email drives sales by incorporating a CTA button at the end. This encourages subscribers to take action right when they subscribe.

thank you email by Baking Steel

“Thank you for your order” email templates

This email is also known as an order confirmation email and is sent immediately after the purchase is completed.

Often, ecommerce brands send a receipt and short note that the purchase has been completed. Others include a list of products purchased.

These emails are fine. However, you can fine-tune it by adding a thank you note and making it more enthralling.

See these examples of “Thank you for your purchase” emails sent by big brands.

3. Glossier

glossier example of order confirmation and thank you email

This email by Glossier is a good example of a “thank you for your order” template because it has the recognizable logo and a short note of thanks right at the top. Then, it breaks down what you’ve just purchased.

Using thumbnails instead of just product names makes it easier for customers to recognize the items and determine right away if they got everything right. This will lead to fewer issues later on.

4. Zalando

Zalando example of order confirmation email and thank you for ordering

This “thank you for your purchase” note by fashion and footwear brand Zalando is an excellent email template example because it combines the elements of a typical thank you note with that of a good order confirmation email.

It has all the details that the customer can review immediately and manages expectations by showing the expected delivery dates. It also lets the customer know that they should expect a delivery confirmation email.

5. Asos

asos order confirmation thank you email example

Instead of a “thank you for shopping” email, British fashion retailer Asos focuses on the critical parts of order confirmation. Although it could benefit from adding a thank you note at the top, the rest of the email template is done very well and is consistent with the branding of their ecommerce site, particularly in how the logo appears in the header.

Something unique about this template is that it includes a simple way to cancel an order. While most retailers won’t encourage that, Asos includes this function to ensure customer satisfaction, and it ultimately improves customer loyalty.

Thank you for being our customer

Not all thank you notes thank you for purchasing. You should also take the opportunity to show your gratitude towards customers that have supported your brand along the way, even if they haven’t made a recent purchase. Who knows? This message might actually be what prompts them to shop at your retail store again.

Here are a few inspiring thank you email examples:

6. Nordstrom

This email example from Nordstrom is different from the rest on this list because it’s an email campaign, not an automated email triggered by customer behavior.

However, this email is an excellent example of how you can include a thank you note in your holiday email campaign.

nordstrom holiday thank you email example

Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, International Women’s Day, or an anniversary, a short thank you message may become a great occasion to interact with your audience and show your attention.

7. Sports Direct

sportsdirect thank you email

Rather than a “thank you for your purchase” note, this email from Sports Direct seeks to re-engage inactive customers. It offers a reminder that the recipient is still part of the exclusive “squad” despite not having completed an order recently.

Then, it cleverly shows personalized product recommendations meant to capture their interest and, hopefully, click through to the ecommerce store.

8. Crocs

crocs email happy anniversary and thank you

This automated email by Crocs is the ultimate thank you email template to show appreciation for customer loyalty. It is triggered exactly one year after an individual has subscribed to the company’s newsletter. As a genuine demonstration of gratitude (as well as an incentive to complete a new purchase), Crocs automatically sends out discount codes as part of its loyalty program.

The best loyalty programs focus on personalized rewards, top-notch customer experiences, and seamless integration across various touchpoints.

Thank you for your feedback

Whether it’s about your packaging, your website, or your overall service, feedback might sometimes be difficult to hear. However, it’s critical to the growth of your company and your ability to provide the best customer experience possible.

After a customer reaches out to your support team, you can send them a follow-up email asking for an NPS score or other kind of feedback.

Here are a few examples to inspire your thank you note and feedback email template:

9. Airbnb

thank-you email template from Airbnb

This thank you email template from Airbnb is a simple message that starts with a thank you note before asking for some feedback regarding the quality of their customer support.

Providing the scale makes it easy for recipients to respond, which makes the email more effective. The template is straight to the point and doesn’t even require a sender’s signature because the Airbnb logo is instantly recognizable.

10. Dropbox

dropbox thank you emails

Similar to Airbnb, this thank you email template from Dropbox makes the message and review options even simpler. It’s easy to skim through and even easier to decide on how to answer, given only five options.

Nevertheless, it’s equally effective in letting its customers know how much their opinions are valued.


Bajaao thank you email asking for a review

Going beyond a typical “thank you for your purchase” email template, this message by music instrument and equipment retailer BAJAAO seeks feedback from recent customers.

The copy is written to show how genuinely the brand values its customers’ experience on the online store and how grateful the company would be to learn more about how they can improve their services.

Thank you for your review

While feedback is critical to improving your service, product reviews are equally important to the overall success of your ecommerce store. Customer reviews enable you as well as other customers to gain more insights into the quality of a product. Start collecting them with automated post-purchase emails. See the example below:

12. iHerb

iherb thank you email review order confirmation

This message from iHerb is a good way to ask for a product review. There is a short thank you note at the top, which expresses gratitude in advance. Then, featuring the product image right at the center cleverly prompts the reader to think about it.

Having a prominent “Write a Review” button makes the reader more likely to click through and actually leave the feedback they have been thanked for.

13. Casper

Casper email asking for a review
Image from

This post-purchase note from Casper is exactly what you should expect from a brand that promises better sleep through all their products.

After completing a purchase, it prompts customers to leave a review about the items they bought, specifically whether it helped them sleep better or not. This email also cleverly includes an incentive to refer other customers.

14. TradeGecko

Trade Gecko email asking for a review
Image from

TradeGecko is a SaaS company, rather than an ecommerce store. Nevertheless, reviews for their app are equally important.

Combined with their uniquely fun personality, this email effectively shows their gratitude for the customer’s loyalty by saying thanks in the email sign-off. And directly asks for reviews that could encourage others like them to try their service.

A list of subject line ideas for your thank you email

An appropriate subject line of thank you email depends on the occasion of that particular email.

However, it should be straight to the point, so the customer immediately understands the purpose of the email and wants to open it. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Thanks for your order
  • Thank you for making it official
  • Your subscription is confirmed
  • Thank you for your payment
  • It’s time to say thanks!
  • Happy Anniversary [Customer Name]??
  • Thank you for your recent purchase
  • Your closet thanks you
  • [Your brand name] Order confirmation
  • Thank you for being a friend
  • Gratitude Letter & 20-40% Sales (Now-Cyber Monday)

For general subject line rules and best practices, check out this article:  
👉 130 best email subject lines for sales [Updated for 2024]

Wrap up

Showing gratitude is something that we all have been learning from childhood. Saying and receiving “thank you” is written in our brains and overall perception.

That’s why this two-word combination is so vital to use in our business as well, and why the “thank you for your purchase” email, “thank you for your order” email and “thank you for subscribing” email are must-haves for any online business.

Tweak your brand communication with emails mentioned above (or use our thank you email templates) and you’ll see improvements in your relationships with your customers.

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