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50+ New Year email subject lines for engaging emails

Reading Time: 9 minutes

If your subscribers are not opening your emails regularly, chances are you’ll be put in the spam category. Captivating New Year email subject lines are your ticket to your recipients’ inboxes during this period.

Get them right and you’ll improve your email open rates, with. SuperOffice research showing that 34% of recipients open an email because of its subject line:

Reasons for opening an email
Image via SuperOffice

To help you create successful email campaigns, we have a list of 50+ New Year subject lines for your inspiration. Examine them and adopt those that meet your campaign needs.

Let’s get started.

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How to easily create New Year email subject lines?

Creating a compelling subject line that moves your subscribers to open your email is crucial for every email campaign. After all, this is the first thing they notice when they receive your email and you want to create a positive first impression.

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But coming up with enticing subject lines regularly can get overwhelming. That’s where you can employ technology to assist your creativity.

Omnisend’s AI-powered email subject line generator can help you create impressive subject lines for your New Year email campaign. By simply providing the main keywords and an idea for the email, you can generate impactful subject lines effortlessly.

Free AI subject line generator by Omnisend

You can also use Omnisend’s email subject line tester to check the score of any subject line you’re considering using, and choose the best Happy New Year subject line.

New Year sale subject lines

There’s no better time to get ahead of your sales goals for the coming year than January. End of year sale email subject lines combined with post-holiday sales ideas give you the chance to catch up on any sales quotas you may have missed during the holidays.

These New Year sale subject lines examples will surely come in handy as you start the year:

#1 From: Postable

Subject: New Year Sale ⭐ This Weekend ⭐ 25% Off!

New Year sale subject line by Postable

#2 From: AND CO

Subject: There’s still time to end this year on a high ⏰

#3 From: Eclectic Goods

Subject: Start New Year with a BANG!

#4 From: Pennies

Subject: Last Day Sale – 70% OFF Pennies for Mac

#5 From: Headspace

Subject: 3 more days to save on a stress-free resolution

#6 From: Winc

Subject: Today only: Get 4 bottles for $20.22

#7 From: Fitbit

Subject: ❗New year deals end tomorrow❗

New Year sale subject line by AND CO

“Happy New Year” email subject lines

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This had been Steve Jobs’ mantra as he built Apple into the world’s most valuable brand.

You can also keep your New Year email subject lines simple and to the point with a greeting as you wish your email subscribers the best for the New Year.

Wishing your customers well for the New Year keeps a positive image of your brand in their minds and this could result in more sales and referrals.

Here are some examples of “Happy New Year” email subject lines:

#1 From: Paper Collective

Subject: Happy New Year! 🥂

New Year sale subject line by Paper Collective

#2 From: Grovemade

Subject: Happy New Year from Grovemade

#3 From: Everyday Oil

Subject: ***whispers*** happy new year 🙂

#4 From: Yes Lifecycle Marketing

Subject: Happy New Year from Yes Lifecycle Marketing

#5 From: Mutual of Omaha Insurance

Subject: Smiles Davis, Happy New Year from Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services

#6 From: Holden

Subject: Happy New Year!

#7 From: Cat Person

Subject: Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

“Year in Review” email subject lines

New Year’s Eve email subject lines that share your best products or promotion from the past year inform subscribers that you have cherry-picked the best content for them. And by eliminating the effort it takes to find the best content, you tap into the psychological principle of “Avoid pain and seek pleasure.”

Alternatively, you can use your “year in review” emails to showcase how a customer engaged with your brand in the last 12 months. Displaying the metrics that show a customer’s unique activity with your brand will make them feel special and cement their bond with your company. While this would require heavy email personalization, it’s worth the effort.

Here are examples of New Year’s Eve subject lines that look back on the year while promoting your best content:

#1 From: Methodical Coffee

Subject: ☕️ 2023 Year in Review!

“Year in Review” email subject line by Methodical Coffee

#2 From: Loom

Subject: Your 2023 in Review: What Type of Loom Personality Are You?

#3 From: Milk Bar

Subject: We made a year in review

#4 From: AllTrails

Subject: It’s that time! The 2023 Year in Review is here

#5 From: Bubble

Subject: #BubbleWrapped: Our 2023 in Review

#6 From: Ledger

Subject: ✨ A Crypto Year-In-Review

#7 From: Misc. Goods Co

Subject: A Year in Review – Our Best of 2023

New Year email subject lines with emojis

It’s established that emotional content increases the effectiveness of marketing content. Using emojis in your New Year email subject lines give an expression that relates to the emotion you’re trying to pass in the message.

They also help separate your email from other emails in your subscriber’s inbox, thus improving your open rates. Here are examples of New Year email subject lines that feature emojis.

#1 From: Elgato

Subject: We did a lot last year 🤯

New Year email subject line with emoji by Elgato

#2 From: Fitbit

Subject: ❗New year deals end tomorrow❗

#3 From: Hitch

Subject: 🌍🌿💦Together, You Made This Year Matter

#4 From: Smartpress

Subject: 🔥 Hot off the (Smart)press: New Year, New Print

#5 From: Sonder

Subject: ☎️ 2024 calling

#6 From: Pam

Subject: Your wishes in words 💋

#7 From: Tock

Subject: Your Guide to a Delicious New Year’s Eve in Chicago 🎉

New Year email subject lines with questions

They say curiosity killed the cat. However, when it comes to New Year email subject lines, curiosity is exactly what you need to motivate your subscribers to open your emails.

By phrasing your New Year email subject line as a question, you can spark curiosity in your subscribers which could lead to higher open rates. Here are examples of New Year email subject lines that have been structured as questions to make the reader curious.

#1 From: Cat Person

Subject: Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

New Year email subject line with question by Cat Person

#2 From: Corporate Finance Institute

Subject: Are Your Finances Sorted for the Upcoming Year?

#3 From: Lululemon

Subject: Wait…You Missed This?

#4 From: Fulton

Subject: Free what…?

#5 From: Prada

Subject: Is Your New Year’s Eve Outfit Ready?

#6 From: Walmart

Subject: Have You Saved At Our New Year Sale?

#7 From: Balenciaga

Subject: What Are You Wearing On New Year’s Eve?

January email subject lines

New Year is not the only occasion celebrated in January. There are plenty of other note-worthy occasions that present unique opportunities to use compelling January email subject lines to engage your email recipients.

List of January holidays

Below are the top holidays in January that can serve as inspiration for your email campaigns:

Jan 1: New Year’s Day

Jan 2: World Introvert Day, National Science Fiction Day, Swiss Cheese Day

Jan 3: J.R.R. Tolkien Day, Festival of Sleep Day, International Mind-Body Wellness Day

Jan 4: Trivia Day, National Spaghetti Day, World Braille Day

Jan 6: Three Kings Day, National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day, Cuddle Up Day, Bean Day

Jan 8: Bubble Bath Day

Jan 9: International Choreographers Day, National Shop for Travel Day

Jan 10: National Take the Stairs Day

Jan 12: National Pharmacist Day, National Hot Tea Day

Jan 13: Make Your Dream Come True Day

Jan 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day, Organize Your Home Day

Jan 15: National Hat Day, National Bagel Day

Jan 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, International Rooibos Day

Jan 17: Benjamin Franklin Day

Jan 18: Thesaurus Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, National Gourmet Coffee Day

Jan 19: National Popcorn Day, National Good Memory Day

Jan 20: National Cheese Lovers Day, Take A Walk Outdoors Day, International Day of Acceptance

Jan 21: National Hugging Day, Own Your Own Home Day

Jan 22: Lunar New Year

Jan 23: National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day

Jan 24: National Compliment Day, International Day of Education

Jan 25: National Tourism Day

Jan 26: Spouse’s Day, National Fun at Work Day

Jan 27: National Chocolate Cake Day, National Geographic Day

Jan 28: Data Privacy Day

Jan 29: National Puzzle Day

Jan 31: National Hot Chocolate Day, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Ideas for January email subject lines

Kickstart the year with impactful email campaigns built around the following subject lines. These subject lines were generated and checked with Omnisend subject line generator — why not try it for yourself and see what it does for your open rates?

  1. New arrivals: top brands of Swiss cheese!
  2. Don’t miss out on better sleep
  3. Try delicious homemade spaghetti today
  4. New arrivals: Cuddle Up in style!
  5. The Choreography class happening this weekend!
  6. Take stairs for a healthier you
  7. Exclusive dream come true deals
  8. Maximize storage space in your home
  9. New coffee flavors available now!
  10. Our top coffees of 2023!
Idea for January email subject line by Trade Coffee
Image via Really Good Emails
  1. Find the perfect pair of shoes today!
  2. Try our delicious pie for free!
  3. Easiest ways to improve your education
  4. Brand new puzzle: test your skills!
  5. Get cozy with delicious hot chocolate!
  6. Brand new art collection now available!

Strategies for coming up with great New Year email subject lines

The email subject line is the first thing a recipient sees when an email lands in their inbox. So, how you structure the email subject line determines if a user will open the email to read its content.

We have already seen several examples of the best subject lines for your New Year emails. Let’s now take a look at the strategies you can use to write these New Year email subject lines such that they skyrocket your open rates.

Keep it short

The first thing you need to do to ensure your New Year email subject lines are effective is to keep them short. Research has found that 43% of email users check emails from their phones:

Strategy for coming up with great New Year email subject line by litmus
Image via litmus

And since mobile phones have a small screen, your email subject line will be sliced if it’s too long. This means recipients will not be able to read every part of the subject line when checking emails through apps on their phones.

Unfortunately, the part that has been cut off could be the most important part of the subject line. As a result, most will not understand the subject line and fail to open your email.

To prevent this from happening, keep your New Year’s Eve email subject lines short and sweet. As a best practice, keep the subject line below 60 characters to ensure nothing gets cut off when an email user accesses the email from a mobile app.

Omnisend’s subject line tester also has a preview function for desktop and mobile view, so you can see if and where your subject lines get cut.

Keep things fresh

The New Year calls for fresh New Year email subject lines. Use your creativity to make your subject lines more attractive to improve your email open rates.

For example, you can use emojis to make your emails stand out in a recipient’s inbox and communicate the emotions captured in the email. Emojis will also help you keep your subject line short since you can use an emoji in place of a word.

For instance, instead of using the word “Gift”, you can use “🎁”.

Personalize if you can

Personalization is a great way to connect with your email recipients. Since people love seeing and hearing their names, adding a recipient’s name to the subject line will draw their attention to the email.

They will also be excited to open the email to see the kind of offers you have for them.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution for your email campaigns. Register with Omnisend today for free if you want to give your email recipients a personalized email experience.

Provide value to your email subjects

Emails that offer value to the recipients are more likely to be opened than those that don’t. While you don’t have to give things away for free, providing some sort of value is crucial to the success of your email campaign.

Whether that’s a discount, contest, coupon, or simply helpful information, ensure your New Year sale subject lines communicate the value you provide.

Stir curiosity

Spark curiosity with your New Year email subject lines to improve open rates. Make the recipients feel that they’re missing out on something with your subject line. This tactic will compel them to click on your email to find the answer to what they’re missing.

Use questions and leave some information out in your New Year email subject lines to make your readers curious. This will lead to higher open rates and encourage readers to jump on your offers.

P.S. Take a look at our hand-picked Lunar New year subject lines.

Get your New Year email campaigns right

Start the year on the front foot with unique New Year email subject lines that will hook your readers and keep them engaged. Remember to give great discounts, ask questions, and use emojis to encourage subscribers to open your emails.

With powerful and personalized subject lines and an email marketing platform, a surge in your sales isn’t far away.

Get started with Omnisend today for free to optimize your email campaigns and achieve your marketing goals for the New Year.

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