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7 best Super Bowl email examples [+ templates & subject lines]

Reading Time: 8 minutes

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events in the USA, and it brings out that same raw emotion in its massive 208-million-strong audience globally.

Needless to say, the big game is also a prime marketing opportunity, with businesses eager to get in on the action. And if you want to make the most of it as well, sending engaging Super Bowl emails to your customers is a great way to do it.

Luckily, we’re here to give you the best Super Bowl email examples out there, so you can really stand out amongst your peers and maximize the potential of what is sure to be a record-breaking sporting event.

On top of that, we’ll show you some beautiful email templates and subject lines that you can use right off the bat to save hours of your time and make your Super Bowl email campaigns get even more clicks.

So, let’s dive right in.

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Why you should send Superbowl emails

The 2024 Super Bowl LVIII is set for Sunday, February 11. It’s one of the few days of the year when one event will draw nearly everyone’s attention, bringing in nearly triple the traffic you can expect from other mega events like the NBA Finals or the Oscars.

Even though the game itself takes place in February, the hype builds up way in advance. And this is where Super Bowl emails come in. After all, marketing during the build-up to the event has already become a part of the trend.

Viewers plan well before time on where and how they’ll be watching the big game. This is a great opportunity for ecommerce merchants to launch their Super Bowl email marketing campaigns and let the fans know what they offer.

Using more marketing channels in addition to email is proving particularly popular as well. For example, our own reports show that Omnisend customers sent 47% more promotional SMS in the first half of 2022 than during the same period in 2021.

This indicates that smart marketers know that the key to capturing their audience’s attention is sending timely, personalized messages that are impossible to ignore.

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    The challenge with Super Bowl marketing is to find ways to stand out in the crowded inboxes of your target audience. Brands want to make sure that their Super Bowl promotions and deals get noticed.

    And beautiful, well-crafted emails are a surefire way to do just that.

    7 best Super Bowl email examples

    #1 Shannon’s Corner: Make it epic

    Shannon’s Corner email for super bowl

    Talk about a Super Bowl email done right: Shannon’s Corner knows exactly what fans are looking for during the big game.

    Not only are the two teams battling it out on the field, but sports bars are also facing massive competition to create a top-notch environment for fans. And Shannon’s Corner is stepping up to the plate with their screening announcement, which is pretty likely to be a hit with their audience.

    The email hits all the right emotions with a breathtaking banner. And the call-to-action is perfectly placed to take subscribers straight to the website to purchase their tickets. It’s a fantastic example of how to do a Super Bowl email that gets fans excited and ready to cheer on their team.

    #2 Bakell: Engage the fans

    Bakell email

    How does an edible glitter brand take advantage of the Super Bowl? Bakell shows us how it’s done. For starters, the selection of hero products and the call to action (CTA) relate to fans of both the Eagles and the Giants. After all, who wouldn’t want to rep their team at a Super Bowl tailgate party?

    At the same time, the background visual just screams football, so any fan would know this is relevant to the big game.

    #3 West Elm: Find new angles

    West Elm email Find new angles

    West Elm may not sell party snacks or football gear, but they’ve still found a way to get in on the fun. They created a “Game On!” email that offers a discount on everything you need for the perfect Super Bowl shindig, from glassware to serveware to tables and more.

    By targeting the hosts who are putting together their Super Bowl party, West Elm made their email both relevant and engaging. It’s a great example of how to stand out during the big game, even if you don’t sell directly related products.

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    #4 GolfHQ: Super Sunday Sale

    GolfHQ SuperBowl email

    GolfHQ’s email prominently shows the logos of the competing teams, and loudly announces a 24-hour sale where the more you spend, the more you can save.

    It’s clear, concise, and captivating—and effective. This email generated more revenue than any of GolfHQ’s other emails in the month, generating over 50% more revenue than the second best performer.

    #5 Toolots: Go BIG with the FOMO

    Big game email

    When it comes to going for the jugular, Toolots is hitting it out of the park by using this opportunity to showcase their projector screens. The goal is to make your at-home Super Bowl experience unforgettable, and they’re definitely delivering.

    The email itself is very simple and straightforward, with the massive “BIG GAME SALES” and the FOMO-inducing “SAVE JUST IN TIME” displayed right at the center stage of the banner and large discounts placed in between.

    This example clearly shows that sometimes, simplicity works best.

    #6 Fathead: Celebrate great memories

    Fathead email celebrate great memories

    As a company that sells licensed sports decor, Fathead knows a thing or two about how to get fans fired up. And that’s exactly what they did in this Super Bowl email example.

    To really drive it home, make sure to highlight memorable moments from the previous season or share some exciting news about football players. It’s a great way to build buzz and get everyone excited about the big game.

    #7 ClassPass: Know your audience

    Classpass email

    Who wouldn’t want to know the secrets of how athletic superstars fuel up for the Super Bowl? In their email, ClassPass hit a touchdown by talking about the healthy snack hacks used by football players in their run-up to the big game.

    As a fitness service platform that connects its customers to nearby gyms, ClassPass definitely understands its audience. And this Superbowl email example proves it.

    3 best Superbowl email templates

    We’ve got a pretty good idea of how to do great Super Bowl email campaigns. Now, let’s use that knowledge to create some brilliant Superbowl email templates.

    We’ll provide you with four that we’re confident will give you everything you need to stand out before the big game.

    Before we dive deeper, however, make sure to always include the likes of unsubscribe links, addresses, and social links in your email footer.

    #1: The epic Super Bowl email template

    Inspired by Shannon’s Corner’s great email example, we took the liberty of using that to create a great Superbowl email template.

    Super Bowl email template

    Super Bowl copy

    Here’s the copy we’re using for this Super Bowl email:

    20% OFF


    Top picks for you

    Shop now [CTA/button]

    You can keep the exact wording or adapt it to your own offer.

    The recommended hero products are linked by image and product titles, and there’s one obvious CTA button. We’ve included two products in the template, but you can expand your offering as necessary.

    #2: The simple & straightforward Super Bowl email template

    This email template was inspired by certain food brands’ email campaigns.

    It’s simple and focused on the products, but shows them as being curated specifically for the Super Bowl fan audience.

    Take a look:

    Super Bowl email template for sales

    Super Bowl copy

    The Super Bowl email copy here is a bit longer:


    20% OFF


    PRE-ORDER NOW [CTA/button]

    This deal lasts only until February 12th

    We usually recommend adding urgency, and Super Bowl emails are no exception.

    We’d set it to expire at midnight on February 11th or 12th, so that customers still have time to get their orders shipped for the big game.

    #3 The product-focused Super Bowl email template

    This template is mostly focused on the products, once again curated to fit the audience we’ll be sending the email to.

    Here it is:

    Super Bowl email template focused on showing the products

    Super Bowl copy

    For this template, instead of using any Super Bowl-specific copy, we’re letting the products speak for themselves.

    The copy we have here is:

    Sports Accessories Women’s Trends

    The best deal of the week

    Visit our Store [CTA/button]

    This one starts with a beautiful image that sets the tone for the sale. The template then goes on to showcase a range of products that are linked by image and product titles.

    There’s only one obvious call-to-action button, making it easy for your customers to take action.

    To really make the most of this template, you should consider segmenting your users based on their behavior or other data.

    For example, if you have customers who have previously bought running shoes, focus on highlighting running-related products in your email. And if they’re more interested in Super Bowl fan t-shirts, you’ll want to show a different group of products.

    By curating your list specifically for each segment, you’ll be able to create a more personalized and impactful email.

    15 Superbowl email subject lines that will get you clicks

    When it comes to Super Bowl email marketing, great templates will get you sales. But before your customers see your email, they have to open it.

    And that’s where subject lines come in! You want to make sure your subscribers are intrigued and motivated to open your email and take the desired action.

    So, to help you level up your Super Bowl email open rates, here are some of the best Super Bowl email subject lines to spark your creativity:

    1. 🎉 Score big with our Super Bowl sale!
    2. Kick off the Super Bowl in style with 🔥30% off🔥!
    3. 🎥 Watch the Super Bowl in style with us!
    4. Get game-day ready with 💸awesome deals off select items💸
    5. 🏆 Win BIG with our Super Bowl giveaway!
    6. Catch the Super Bowl savings 💰🏈 25% off select products!
    7. The ultimate Super Bowl party starts here! 🍻
    8. Score the home team advantage with our Super Bowl deals” 🏡
    9. 🏈Get in the game with unbeatable Super Bowl discounts!🎉
    10. 🏆You’re the MVP of savings at our Super Bowl Sale!🎉
    11. 🏈The biggest Super Bowl party? Our sale!💸
    12. Touchdown on great deals 💰🏈 30% off everything!
    13. 🏈Gather your team and get ready for our Super Bowl discounts!💸
    14. Free shipping + 🏈 Super Bowl savings = 💰💰💰
    15. 🏈 Touchdown deals on everything you need! 🛍️

    Final tips and takeaways

    • When planning your email campaign, remember to choose a responsive and mobile-friendly email template to ensure that your subscribers can view your Super Bowl email correctly.
    • Personalize your emails to make them more effective. Use customer data like names and locations to target your promotions and products.
    • Send more than one Super Bowl email. Schedule at least three Superbowl emails throughout the week. This will help you get more sales and traction.
    • Segment your audience into groups to maximize your conversions.
    • Keep your email structure clear. Don’t overuse email elements–focus on the offer and the CTA button.
    • Maintain your brand identity. Make sure your Superbowl emails stand out, but don’t forget to keep them in line with your brand.
    Massively boost your Super Bowl sales & conversions with Omnisend’s pre-built automation workflows.
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