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Unique discount codes now available for WooCommerce

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Omnisend is about to become the only email service provider on WooCommerce with the ability to add unique discount codes to emails.

We’ve always offered integrations with other platforms to give our customers all the benefits of easy-to-use omnichannel features while continuing to use their preferred ecommerce platform.

WooCommerce store owners could already integrate with Omnisend and benefit from our powerful, ecommerce-focused automation features. But now you can go even further with the ability to automatically add unique discount codes to an email.

Combined with our advanced segmentation capabilities, you can move away from blast campaigns and offer personalized emails to high-converting holiday shoppers, or early clearance sale access to repeat buyers. In other words, you’re in complete control and can send specific messages to specific people.

Unique discount codes open up new opportunities, while offering more security and robust reporting.

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What are unique discount codes?

Discount codes are very effective for increasing sales and building customer loyalty by offering incentives to your customers. Unlike a sale, where the price is already reduced, the customer inputs the code manually to receive their discount—much like handing over a physical coupon in a store.

There are different types of discount codes, and some stores allow the same code to be used by multiple people. Although they work perfectly well, you do run the risk of the code being shared with others, making them difficult to track in campaign reporting and possibly costing you money by being used more times than intended.

Unique discount codes use randomly generated letters and numbers, and when used within automation workflows each customer has a unique, exclusive code that they can use to access the incentive you’ve chosen to offer.

This is a more secure way of using discount codes and gives you total control over their use. 

The benefits of unique discount codes

Discount codes have a couple of benefits for both customers and merchants:

  • They’ve been shown to help reduce shopper stress—which means your customers are likely to have a positive experience with you and return in the future. 
  • They overcome the problem with conventional coupon codes being shared around, reducing their marketing value and costing you money by more people using the coupon than intended.

As Heather Wiand, Customer Success Manager at Omnisend, puts it, you may not want to offer discounts all the time because “none of your prices are real … everything that a customer sees on your website is not the real price because you can find a coupon somewhere.” Unique codes overcome this as they allow you to offer discount codes exactly when you want, to exactly the number of people you want.

And because Omnisend is always committed to ease of use, you don’t even need to manually generate these discount codes. Simply create an email, drag the discount block into it, and the code is automatically generated and synced to your store. There’s no manual input or backend tinkering required, and you have full control over expiration dates and discount types.

Wrap up

WooCommerce can be integrated with Omnisend directly through our App Market with the click of a button. Your contacts, products, collections and orders will all be synced automatically, and you’ll have instant access to pre-built automation workflows, email templates, and our intuitive drag-and-drop content editor.

You have plenty of options with types of discounts, including fixed amounts, percentage discounts, or free shipping, as well as setting expiration dates—without inputting a single line of code. Simply add the discount code block to your emails and we’ll handle the rest.

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Richard White
Article by
Richard White

Richard is a Content Marketing Manager at Omnisend. An avid writer, he's said to have been born holding a pencil. Fascinated by all things handmade, if he's not reading or writing he can often be found practicing leathercraft.

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