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5 tools to use in your Wix SMS marketing campaigns

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Wix SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses boost engagement and drive sales. With more than 300 tools in the Wix App Market, including 29 focused on SMS marketing, it’s easier than ever to get started. The benefits of SMS marketing are clear:

In this article, we’ll explore the five best app integrations for your Wix SMS marketing campaigns, including: 

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SMS is easier to use and more cost-effective than ever. Discover the real impact behind SMS marketing and why you should incorporate this valuable channel.

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We’ll discuss their prices, features, and benefits, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Omnisend’s SMS marketing tools on Wix. With 55% of businesses already using SMS, it’s time to join the trend and start leveraging the power of Wix SMS marketing to grow your business.

Let’s dive in.

The 5 best Wix SMS marketing tools 

We’ve chosen five of the best Wix SMS marketing plugins based on prices, features, and ease of integration.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend Wix integration

Omnisend is a no-code marketing platform that can combine multiple channels, even within a single automated workflow. You can easily connect email, SMS, and web push notifications into the same workflow, and segment your audience to receive targeted campaigns that work even while you sleep.

You can access all of Omnisend’s features completely free of charge and upgrade as your business grows.

Key features: 


  • Free: $0 per month for up to 500 emails, 500 web push and 60 SMS to 250 contacts (additional SMS available for purchase)
  • Standard: starts at $16 per month for 6,000 emails a month, unlimited web push and 60 SMS to 500 contacts (additional SMS available for purchase)
  • Pro: starts at $59 per month for unlimited emails and web push, up to 3,933 SMS credits each month ($59 worth of SMS credits monthly), to 2500 contacts

Omnisend supports SMS globally and you can calculate your exact costs based on your audience size.

For more information, use our email pricing calculator below to quickly compare price rates and features with other top platforms. Input your desired number of contacts, choose up to two other email marketing providers from the list, and see how Omnisend stacks up against them.

Quick email provider pricing comparison

Quickly and easily compare the top email marketing providers so you can find the best platform for your ecommerce store needs.

Total number of contacts:
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    prices for:

    You can compare Omnisend and 2 more providers at once.

    • Omnisend
    • Klaviyo
    • Mailchimp
    • Drip
    • Moosend
    • Active Campaign
    • Get Response GetResponse
    • MailerLite

    You can compare Omnisend and 2 more providers at once.

    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Still not sure?

    Try out the full version of this calculator

    2. Shopscript: SMS Marketing

    Shopscript SMS tool

    Personalization is the key feature of Shopscript: SMS Marketing. This free-to-download app has one-click integration with Wix Stores, Bookings, Forms, and Restaurants.

    Shopscript: SMS Marketing charges by the amount of SMS messages you want to send. The free plan only comes with five automated SMS, and none of the features are upgradable at all — what you see is what you get.

    Key features:

    • Automate coupon codes, abandoned cart reminders, and shipping updates
    • Update customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule bookings
    • Limited support on the basic tier (premium support for paid plans)


    • Starter: $0 per month for 5 SMS / month and a rate of $0.015/SMS, $0.045/MMS + carrier fees
    • Growth: $50 per month to lock in a rate of $0.01/SMS, $0.03/MMS + carrier fees
    • Professional: $26.99 per month to lock in a rate of $0.007/SMS, $0.024/MMS + carrier fees

    3. Privy

    Privy tool

    Many veteran Wix users are familiar with Privy: an email and SMS plugin designed to automate business text campaigns. The app is available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    SMS is only available on Privy’s highest tier, which starts at $45 per month.The Growth Plan gives you access to features like after-signup, cart abandonment, and broadcast texts.

    Key features:

    • Unique targeting rules
    • Popups, flyouts, and similar content
    • Free email and chat support


    • Starter Plan: $30 per month for up to 2,000 email contacts (No SMS)
    • Growth Plan: $45 per month for up to 75 SMS contacts and 450 text sends a month

    4. SMS Blast

    SMS by MKP

    SMS Blast is an SMS marketing app developed for ecommerce brands. You can reach out to customers via personalized reminders or send bulk messages to large groups of contacts.

    SMS Blast is priced by the number of SMS you want. Unfortunately, there are no free plans available. Even on the cheapest plan ($6.99 per month), you’ll only have access to 30 SMS credits per month. If you want more than that, you’ll need to upgrade.

    Key features:

    • Submit booking reminders to individual customers
    • Send mass marketing campaigns via SMS
    • Get alerts for Site Owner Events


    • Hobby Plan: $6.99 per month for 30 SMS credits
    • Pro Plan: $16.99 per month for 100 SMS credits
    • Expert Plan: $34.99 per month for 300 SMS credits
    • Mogul Plan: $110.99 per month for 1,000 SMS credits

    5. Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery 

    Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Carti is an abandoned cart recovery plugin that integrates directly with Wix stores. Although not strictly an SMS marketing tool, you can automate abandoned carts recovery and chase potential customers before they move on.

    Carti’s primary focus is abandoned cart recovery, which may limit your options for creating Wix SMS marketing campaigns. Each plan comes with a set of free SMS credits, although you’ll have to pay separately for texts that breach the limit. Keep in mind that upgrading plans won’t upgrade any SMS features — just the number of emails you can send per month.

    Key features:

    • Unlimited email & SMS reminders
    • Unlimited SMS campaigns
    • Multichannel marketing options


    • Starter Plan: $2.99 per month for $0.5 in free SMS credits
    • Beginner Plan: $4.99 per month for $3 in free SMS credit
    • Advanced Plan: $9.99 per month for $5 in free SMS credit
    • Expert Plan: $19.99 per month for $8 in free SMS credit

    How to use Omnisend’s SMS marketing tools on Wix

    We worked hard to make the Omnisend / Wix integration as simple as possible, so you can be up and running in no time.

    Once your Wix store is successfully connected to Omnisend, you can immediately access SMS tools like:

    • SMS automation workflows for different audiences
    • List segmentation for SMS subscribers 
    • Browser abandonment automations
    • Full reports of past campaigns

    On our free forever tier, you’ll only pay for the SMS messages you send each month, and we’ll rollover unused SMS credits for one month.

    How to integrate Omnisend to Wix

    To start:

    • You need a Wix Premium Plan to use Omnisend on your site
    • You must connect a valid domain to your Wix site

    If you have any questions about these items, we recommend getting in touch with Wix.

    Otherwise, you can get started now by following these steps:

    1. Register an Omnisend account under your plan of choice.

    Omnisend login steps

    2. In your Omnisend Dashboard, click ‘Connect Store’ to open the store connection wizard.

    Omnisend account creating steps

    3. Pick Wix as the platform used by your online store.

    Choosing the Wix integration to connect with Omnisend

    4. A three-step connection wizard will integrate the rest of your store.

    A three-step connection wizard to connect Omnisend and Wix

    That’s it! You’re ready to start building SMS campaigns for Wix.

    Start sending conversion-driven SMS to your Wix customers today with Omnisend!

    Set up your first Wix SMS marketing campaign with Omnisend

    There are dozens of SMS tools on the Wix App Market — but none quite like ours. If you’re one of the 10080,000+ brands trusting Omnisend with their SMS campaigns, you already know that we offer the SMS marketing Wix users need to succeed.

    Don’t have a plan yet? You can get started in minutes. Sign up online, connect your Wix domain(s), and start building Wix SMS automation workflows that engage and delight your buyers.

    Register with Omnisend to build your first Wix SMS campaign.

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