Cart abandonment is a rising challenge for all retail marketers. SalesCycle reported that an approximate of 74.52% carts were abandoned in 2016, which is a shocking revelation, especially with a constant rise in numbers not fixed.

This is the time when marketers recourse towards emails as their saviors. Studies indicate, 44.1% cart abandonment emails are opened and this gives hope to marketers. Also, Benchmark figures for abandoned cart emails are as follows: email click rate – 28.7% and conversion rate – 5%. Thus, making ‘cart abandonment emails’ top the chart.

But what should a great cart abandonment email comprise of?

  • The timing of your cart abandonment email is essential. Make sure to send your first email after an hour of abandonment.
  • A sleek subject line can grab the attention of the customer and increase open and click rates.
  • Offering discounts and offers such as ‘free shipping’ for customers to complete their purchase can really work in your favor. Check out these cases studies on winning back customers.
  • A reminder of the product along with the product image, size, color, pattern, etc. within the email is a great way to remind them of what they’re missing out.
  • Bold and compulsive CTAs can really grab the attention of the customer and push towards an action and probably even lead to conversions.
  • Provide related items within the email to generate interest and curiosity. This can help bring the customer back on the site.
  • Have a convincing and customer-centric copy that’s ultimately pushing towards conversions.
  • Make sure to provide customer assistance or guidance with each cart abandonment email.

To know more about the essentials of a great cart abandonment email campaign, check out the Inbox Army infographic Cart abandonment emails to win abandoners, also recent Omnisend (previously Soundest) infographic on ecommerce emails performance.

Cart abandonment emails to win abandoners

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