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10 top SaaS affiliate programs to join today (good commissions)

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Some people think that SaaS affiliate marketing isn’t worth their time because the commissions are too low. They believe that only bloggers or influencers with huge audiences can generate substantial revenue.

While it’s true that some affiliate programs do offer small rewards, many lucrative SaaS affiliate programs offer significant passive income through ongoing rewards.

The features of a winning affiliate program include high percentage commissions, lifetime affiliate rewards on recurring subscriptions, and extra rewards for hitting monthly targets.

The good news is that anyone can join an affiliate program and earn money by promoting software as a service (SaaS) products to their audience.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best SaaS affiliate programs you can join today and start earning commissions.

By joining these programs, you can recommend useful SaaS products to address the needs of your audience and earn passive income for yourself at the same time.

What are the best SaaS affiliate platforms?

Identify the best Saas affiliate programs with high earning potential. Consider the commission rate and frequency, product relevance, cookie duration, attribution model, and the resources or support available.

Evaluating programs carefully is the key to successful SaaS affiliate marketing. Next, let’s explore some of the best SaaS partner programs available today.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend saas affiliate programs
Image via Omnisend

Omnisend helps businesses grow their sales using email and SMS marketing. It offers a beneficial, simple-to-join SaaS referral program. Omnisend’s program is one of the best SaaS partner programs in today’s market. Here’s what it comes with:

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions for every new paid customer you refer
  • Dedicated account manager to provide materials and support
  • Ready-made content packs to share with your audience using your unique referral link
  • Payouts 30 days after the referrals join a paid plan

Check out Omnisend’s affiliate partners page for more information about applying and earning rewards as a SaaS affiliate marketing partner.

2. Shopify

shopify saas affiliate program
Image via Shopify

Shopify helps you create and launch your online store. It has a rewarding, easy-to-join affiliate program for content creators, educators, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Here’s what it offers:

  • Competitive, fixed-bounty commissions for every new full-price referral
  • Exclusive opportunities to grow your brand with Shopify and access more resources
  • Support via a library of global creative, education, and lead magnets for content development and conversion
  • Detailed performance insights through your personal dashboard
  • Payouts are bi-weekly or when balances reach a certain amount

Visit Shopify’s affiliate program page to learn more about joining and earning in its SaaS affiliate network.

3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce saas affiliate program
Image via BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers a leading, high-commission affiliate program. Here are some of the benefits of joining as an affiliate partner:

  • 200% upfront commission per referral’s plan price or $1,500 per enterprise referral
  • No commission caps or minimum commitments
  • Easy promotion of your referral link using pre-made banners, emails, blogs, webinars, and more
  • Powerful tracking dashboard to track your clicks, trials, sales, and commissions
  • Dedicated account manager to provide support and strategies to grow your revenue
  • Timely monthly payouts

Explore BigCommerce’s affiliate partners page to apply and start earning in its lucrative SaaS referral program.

4. Loox

loox saas affiliate program
Image via Loox

Loox is a product review and referral app for Shopify merchants. It has an attractive and easy-to-join partner program for agencies, influencers, and ecosystem partners. Here’s what you get for promoting its SaaS affiliate products:

  • Competitive revenue share for each new referral
  • Tailored training, success calls, and top-tier client support
  • Personalized co-marketing initiatives to drive awareness to your business
  • A tailor-made portal to manage your referrals and revenue
  • Access to Loox’s large merchant base of over 100K Shopify stores

Learn more about applying and earning rewards like a SaaS affiliate marketing expert on Loox’s partners page.

5. ReferralCandy

referralcandy saas affiliate programs
Image via ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy helps ecommerce merchants create and run referral programs. Here’s what you can expect from ReferralCandy’s program:

  • Up to $50 for every new customer who signs up for a paid plan
  • Automated promotion and referral tracking through app or email integration
  • Protection from referral fraud and easy rewards management
  • 24-hour response time for affiliate support
  • Monthly rewards payout for referrals generated up to 10 days before

Visit ReferralCandy’s affiliate page to learn more about how to join this program.

6. Better Proposals

Better Proposals saas affiliate programs
Image via Better Proposals

Better Proposals helps you create stunning digital documents and proposals. It offers a rewarding, easy-to-join Partner Program for consultants, course creators, and influencers. As a Partner, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 20% lifetime commissions for every referral using your unique referral link
  • Exclusive co-marketing opportunities, such as a feature on Better Proposals’ website, social media, and email newsletters
  • Additional revenue generators like sharing your winning templates with your referrals
  • Personalized guidance, training, and support via email, video call, and live chat
  • Payouts on the 1st of each month

More details, such as its 90-day tracking cookie, are available on Better Proposals’ Partners page.

7. Gorgias

gorgias saas affiliate program
Image via Gorgias

As a leading ecommerce helpdesk solution, Gorgias makes customer service easier for online store owners. By joining its SaaS affiliate program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Grow your agency by adding Gorgias to your service offering and get VIP access to its software
  • Receive advanced product and sales training through the partner portal
  • Participate in co-marketing initiatives, speaking opportunities, sponsorships, and more
  • Earn an industry-leading revenue share for each new customer you bring
  • Get leads from the partner marketplace and Gorgias’ referrals
  • Get a dedicated partner manager and access to a direct Slack channel for support

Visit Gorgias’ Partner Program page to learn more and apply.

8. Pipedrive

pipedrive saas affiliate program
Image via Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a top-rated sales CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. It has one of the best SaaS partner programs, complete with annual partner awards. Here’s what you can expect when you promote Pipedrive’s SaaS affiliate products:

  • 20% commissions on your referrals, with no signup fee or minimum sales requirements
  • No cap on commissions 
  • Access to Pipedrive’s media kit, containing logos, banners, and other promotional materials
  • Support from Pipedrive’s dedicated affiliate team regarding optimizing campaigns and conversions

Check out Pipedrive’s affiliate partners page to learn more about how to join and reap the benefits of its SaaS affiliate program.

9. Zyro by Hostinger

Zyro by Hostinger saas affiliate program
Image via Zyro

Zyro, now part of Hostinger services, is a powerful website builder that leverages AI tools. Here’s what you can expect when you join Hostinger’s affiliate program:

  • At least 60% commission from each referral’s initial purchase 
  • Personal affiliate account manager to guide and support you
  • High-quality affiliate assets like marketing materials to increase conversion
  • Easy signup, tracking, and payout process (PayPal or bank transfer)
  • 30-day storage for affiliate cookies 
  • Minimum payout of $100 and 3 active referrals (active for more than 45 days)

For more information on Hostinger’s SaaS affiliate program, visit its affiliates page.

10. SocialBee

SocialBee saas affiliate program
Image via SocialBee 

SocialBee is a top-rated social media management tool and service provider. It’s one of the best SaaS companies to sell for, thanks to its industry-leading commissions. Here’s what you get with its SaaS affiliate marketing program:

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions for every referral who uses its tool
  • 10% monthly recurring commissions for every referral who uses its services
  • Dedicated account manager to help with promotion and general inquiries
  • Access to training, templates, webinars, and other resources to showcase SocialBee
  • Early, exclusive access to new features and campaigns
  • Payments on the 13th of each month

Learn more about being a Promoter, Advocate, or Ambassador by visiting SocialBee’s affiliate partners page.

Tips for promoting SaaS affiliate products

Once you’ve joined a great SaaS affiliate program, it’s time to start spreading the word. As you do, remember to prominently feature your affiliate link. Here are some tips for effectively promoting SaaS affiliate products:

  • Create dedicated landing pages showcasing the product and emphasizing its benefits.
  • Write in-depth reviews and tutorials about how the SaaS product solves your audience’s pain points. Share genuine reviews and testimonials to build trust.
  • Use social media to share affiliate links, promotions, discounts, and content. Leverage platforms your audience engages with.
  • Send dedicated email campaigns highlighting new product features or special deals. Personalize emails to improve open rates.
  • Add affiliate links and banners in your website sidebars, footers, and relevant content pages.
  • Engage in discussion forums related to the SaaS product. Share your experience as an affiliate.
  • Provide helpful and prompt support to leads and new customers to improve retention.
  • Leverage multiple channels to consistently promote your affiliate products.
  • Always disclose your affiliate relationship and follow your affiliate program’s rules and guidelines.

Wrap up

SaaS affiliate marketing is a rewarding way to earn passive income online.

By joining a SaaS affiliate network, you can promote high-quality products and services that solve real problems for your audience.

The best part? Whether you’re interested in ecommerce, CRM, web design, or social media, there’s a SaaS affiliate program that suits your niche and goals.

Start your SaaS affiliate journey today and enjoy the benefits of working with some of the leading brands in the industry.

Unlock 20% monthly recurring commissions with every referred paying customer.
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Bernard Meyer

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