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8 Different Ways to Use Email Autoresponders to Boost Ecommerce Growth
Email autoresponders are a great way to boost your ecommerce marketing strategy and customer relationships. Here are 8 great ways to use them now.
email marketing strategy
5 Key Points for a Bullet-Proof Email Marketing Strategy
If you want the highest-converting email marketing strategy, you need to implement these 5 killer points immediately for amazing sales and engagement.
email customer experience
5 Tips to use email to improve the customer experience
Email is so much more than communication- it can create a whole customer experience for your online store. Here are 5 ways to do just that:
How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance
How to Measure Email Marketing Campaign Performance
Understand email marketing data so you can measure how well your campaign is performing. Learn how to measure email marketing and test your campaigns.
How To Adjust Your Email Messages For Millennials
Millennials are kings of eCommerce. They have more spending power than any other generation. The blog post speaks how to approach millennials via email.
How to Improve Low Email Engagement Rates [Omnisend Email Lab]
In the recent Omnisend Email Lab, we tried to improve low email engagement rates for a Canadian retailer. Check out our results!
Introducing Omnisend + Zapier Email Integration
Introducing the Omnisend and Zapier email integration for your ecommerce store! Import your subscribers automatically with a set-it-and-forget-it zap!
How to set your ecommerce holiday plan for 2018 (infographic)
How to Set Your Ecommerce Holiday Plan for 2018 (Infographic)
The ecommerce holiday shopping season is almost upon is and it's important that you're prepared for your biggest sales of the year. Get your plan here.
What's the Right Length for an Ecommerce Email?
What’s the Right Length for an Ecommerce Email?
Ecommerce email is the strongest driver of customer acquisition and retention,but many retailers still struggle with it. Find out how to improve your rates.
How to Do Email Marketing the Right Way: 32 Experts Weigh In
How to Do Email Marketing the Right Way: 32 Experts Weigh In
If you want to learn how to do email marketing, you need to ask the right people. That's why we reached out to 32 experts for their best email lessons.
The 10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns
Omnisend carried out the study and highlighted the best email marketing campaigns in terms of open rate, click rate and conversion rate metrics.
[GDPR Video] All about the GDPR & Cookies, Pixels, Retargeting & Vendors
Make sure cookies, pixels, and vendors are GDPR-ready with these important tips from Jodi Daniels, Privacy Consultant at Red Clover Advisors.
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