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A Mailchimp Alternative
for Ecommerce - Omnisend

Features Comparison to Mailchimp



Drag-and-drop Editor
Product Picker 
Discount Coupon Code 
Campaign Booster
A/B Testing
Mobile friendly templates
Click rate boosting elements
Scratch Card 
Gift Box 
Subscribers list building and management
Signup boxes, popups and landing pagesPredefined setup options
and default texts provided
Setup from scratch,
no predefined options
and texts provided
Wheel of Fortune 
Google mobile friendly forms
Subscribers segmentation
Ecommerce automation workflows
WelcomePredefined setup options
and default texts provided
Setup from scratch needed,
no predefined options
and texts provided
Cart Recovery 
Customer Reactivation 
Order Confirmation 
Order follow-up
Sales reportsIntegratedExtra integration needed
Signup forms reports
Device reports
Click map
Customer support
Support for free customersEmail, chat, Facebook 24 / 7
(avg. response time - up to 10 min)
Support for paid customersEmail, chat, Facebook 24 / 7
(avg. response time - up to 10 min)
Email - 24/7
Chat - weekdays 24 h
Integrations with ecommerce platforms
Integration with Shopify
Integration with Magento
Integration with Bigcommerce
Integration with Tictail

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Price Comparison



Free trial14 days of Premium Plan
with all features
No trial
Free planUnlimited subscribers
(15 000 emails per month)
Up to 2 000 subscribers
(12 000 emails per month)
Up to 5,000 subscribers$50$50
Up to 10,000 subscribers$75$75
Up to 25,000 subscribers$150$150
Up to 50,000 subscribers$240$240
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About Omnisend

Omnisend offers the market an easy-to-use, data-driven email marketing tool that caters to the special needs of small and medium sized ecommerce businesses.

Covering the entire email marketing chain, it helps build subscriber databases, creates professional-looking newsletters, tracks sales and boosts campaigns to non-openers, sends welcome emails, and retains customers after they abandon a shopping cart. Moreover, the Omnisend team designs a lot of extra features that make emails more interactive and increase click rates. Most successful ones - Scratch Card and Gift Box.

To sum up, Omnisend saves you time and reduces your risk because you don't have to wander around looking for separate tools to do all the things mentioned above.

What our customers say

I didn't think marketing and emailing could be this easy. I love the software very much, and also need to say that their support and post sales were. They solved my problems even in the middle of the night. I would definitely recommend this app to colleagues.

– The Impart

Some of the very best customer service I have ever received comes from the guys and gals at Omnisend. They reply super-fast and are really helpful. The features are great and they are always adding more. The UI is easy to use, clean and intuitive. For me, it was a no-brainer to choose Omnisend over Mailchimp. You can read all about the comparisons on their website. Killer features for Shopify stores too. Thank you guys!

– Vortex Gifts

I love this app! There are a lot of features that come with the free version but the paid version has features that encourage customers to sign up, and most importantly, check out!

– Renewskin