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Email marketing solution for Shopify

Smart email marketing
for Shopify stores

Save time. Save money. Start doing
effective Shopify email marketing easily.
In store email builder for Shopify

Specialized for Shopify

Create sales-driving email marketing campaigns. Data synchronization between Soundest and your Shopify store, ready-made templates and automated emails let you increase sales with minimum effort. After all, Soundest is a top rated Shopify email marketing solution!

Get 100 000 emails per month for free

Get 15 000 emails/month for free

Forget those ridiculous fees for each email sent. We give you enough emails free of charge. Make sure you use them wisely. By upgrading to Premium plan you’ll get even more emails/month.

In store email builder for Shopify

Recover abandoned carts

When a visitor adds products to cart but doesn't complete a purchase, Cart Recovery feature automatically sends an email reminder with those products. This way you can recover up to 20% of abandoned carts.

Complete email marketing toolbox

Collect new subscribers with forms

Grow your Shopify mailing list with Signup page, Signup box and Popup. Did we mention that Popup can also be used as Coupon Box or Exit Popup? And the best part - you don’t need to code anything in Shopify!

Top class support

Welcome new subscribers with special offers

Once a visitor subscribes to your Shopify email list, Soundest will automatically send him/her a welcome email (or series of 3 emails, if you wish). Do not hesitate, start converting visitors into customers right away.

Top class support

Create newsletters 10 times faster

Just browse your store with Product Picker and choose products for your next promotion. Soundest automatically picks them up and puts in the newsletter with pictures, descriptions and pricing. This saves up to 90% of the time you'd spend with other email editors. Emails can always be built in the traditional way as well.

Top class support

Send interactive emails with Scratch Card

Double your click rate by adding a lottery ticket (Scratch Card) to the email. Announce a lottery with a defined number of winners and let your subscribers scratch for the prize. Hooray for fun and engaging email marketing!

Top class support

Post-purchase (Thank you) emails

Did you know that open rates of “Thank you” emails are ~60%+? It’s a huge marketing opportunity! Supercharge them with special offers to do even more sales. Never let the relationship with customer go cold.

Top class support

Responsive customizable templates

Our prebuilt templates let you send the first email campaign in minutes. Customize them to make it match the style of your Shopify store. As all templates are responsive, newsletters will look good on any device.

Top class support

You can trust our top-class support

You ask - we answer. Our users can send us an email anytime with any question. We reach them back in less than 12 hours. You can also send messages to our support team directly from your Soundest account. We will be glad to help.

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