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Today’s consumers increasingly expect more relevant communications from retailers, delivered via the channel of their choosing. For retailers, having an ecommerce platform that works in sync with their retail-focused marketing automation provider is essential to give consumers what they expect. Marketing providers that are either outdated or not focused on the future of retail no longer cut it on BigCommerce or any of the top ecommerce platforms available. 

This is where the Omnisend and BigCommerce integration can help retailers harness the power of their data to grow sales. BigCommerce customers using Omnisend can track their store performance and customer behavior, allowing them to send relevant messages at each step along the customer journey. 

Plus, Omnisend has something that no other email marketing platform has—the ability to access abandoned shopping carts across all devices—to further satisfy consumers’ channel preferences.

If you are currently a BigCommerce customer, or one looking to BigCommerce as a potential platform replacement, here are four ways you can utilize the BigCommerce + Omnisend integration to provide relevant marketing that can grow your business.

Ways to Utilize BigCommerce Data Inside of Omnisend

Integrating your BigCommerce store with Omnisend comes with a lot of advantages beyond sending relevant promotional emails. Here are five examples of ways to save time and create more relevant marketing—leading to increased customer loyalty and sales.  

1. Grow Your Subscriber List

Using Omnisend’s pop-up and exit-intent sign-up forms, you can easily create and implement the perfect tools to maximize your list growth. And knowing today’s consumers are increasingly choosing to interact via other channels, it’s the ideal time to use these forms to grow both your email list and SMS subscriber file.

Not only do 75% of consumers say they wouldn’t mind receiving SMS marketing messages, but omnichannel campaigns that involve SMS are 47.7% more likely to end in conversion. With Omnisend’s free SMS credits, you can begin using the channel to generate sales. 

2. Save Time Creating Emails 

Creating emails can be time-consuming—but it doesn’t have to be. Between pre-built templates, the drag-and-drop content editor, and gamification design elements, Omnisend has everything BigCommerce customers need to easily create emails. Here are three tools that BigCommerce customers can use to create more compelling emails quickly: 

The Product Picker is a tool in Omnisend that allows you to easily insert products into your email directly from your BigCommerce store. You can easily insert the image, price, description, and link to the product with only a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Product Recommender is a content block that automatically includes your best sellers or latest products in your campaigns and automated emails. 

With the discount code block, you can drag-and-drop discount codes into your emails, design it according to your layout, and set up the rules for the discount.

Saving time creating your day-to-day emails will free up the necessary time to focus on other revenue-driving activities, such as creating automated lifecycle marketing automation. 

3. Create a More Relevant Welcome Series

Growing your subscriber file is just the first step. The next is to deliver a welcome series that influences the customer to purchase from you and not your competitor. The way to do this is to differentiate your messaging from your competitors by sending messages relevant to the customers’ journey. 

Instead of sending the same three-message series to every new contact, you can use Omnisend’s automation workflows combined with your BigCommerce data to send more relevant messaging. While there are multiple ways to do this, here is one idea:

By implementing a unique pop-up on different category pages of your website, you can tag new subscribers who submit that form and use that data to send category-themed welcome messages. For instance, a user who signs up on the women’s swimsuit section of your website can be sent different welcome messages than those signing up on the men’s shoe section. 

BigCommerce Welcome Series Workflow

And don’t forget, if you’re also collecting SMS during sign-up, you can integrate that into the same automated workflow—delivering a perfect onboarding experience. Throughout the welcome series, you can then use the workflows to test messages and use message behavior, such as email or SMS open and click behavior, to customize the rest of the series.

With a little data and the right automation tools at your disposal, you can turn a generic welcome series into a profit powerhouse.     

4. Recapture Sales With Smarter Cart Abandonment Messaging

The struggle with cart abandonment is real, but sending the same-old-same-old generic abandoned cart messaging doesn’t create a more relevant customer journey. This is where using your BigCommerce data can help you craft personalized cart abandonment messages.

Using Omnisend’s Automation Splits, you can deliver relevant, customer-centric messaging to each would-be purchaser via email, SMS, or both. For example, you may want to send one message to loyal customers and another for potential first-time customers. Or, as in this example, you can differentiate messaging based on the cart total—ensuring you deliver messaging most relevant to the subscriber. 

BigCommerce Omnisend Cart Abandonment Workflow

When it comes to the modern-day customer journey, we all know consumers interact on multiple devices—no need to worry. Omnisend’s cart recovery URL will work across different browsers and devices. If they abandon a cart on a laptop and follow the link from their phone—this is especially important when you include SMS messages in your abandoned cart series—they’ll be directed to the check-out page they have started. This feature is unique to Omnisend.  

5. Create Loyal Customers With Automated Post-Purchase Messaging

Congratulations, you’ve successfully acquired a customer. However, at this point, the customer journey is not over—it’s only just begun. Post-purchase messaging is designed to enhance the purchase experience and help build an affinity for your brand.  

Using the order data from BigCommerce, you can create custom segments and workflows targeting your recent purchasers—and then use workflow Splits to customize them even further. Here’s how to start simple: 

Sending a ‘Thank You’ message to recent customers is a great message to send—and can often achieve open rates greater than 60% and drive significant revenue. But what good is an open rate if no one clicks or converts?

Being able to customize those messages based on purchaser criteria, such as their order history, can be the powerful tool needed to increase repeat purchases. In this situation, you can send a message to first-time customers welcoming them to your customer community, let them know what’s next in the process, and maybe even include an incentive—complete with best sellers using product recommender—encouraging a second purchase. 

For someone making a repeat purchaser, this messaging wouldn’t make much sense. Instead, you might send a non-incentivized message thanking them for being a repeat customer and highlighting your social media pages. For those loyal customers, you may want to encourage them to share a picture of their purchase on social media.

BigCommerce Omnisend Post Purchase Automated Workflow

To complete the series, think about what types of messaging, and on which channels, would most appeal to the individual customer. The loyal customer may enjoy a quick thank you text message, where the importance of nurturing a new customer via email is most appropriate. 

Learn more about the 4 key automated workflows every retailer needs and discover how to use them to differentiate from the competition and increase sales.

Watch Your Revenue Grow

These are only a couple of ways to use BigCommerce store data inside of Omnisend. Between automation splits, workflow testing opportunities, advanced segmentation, and multiple channels available in a single workflow, the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, Omnisend is trusted to give retailers the tools necessary to harness the data in their BigCommerce to save time and resources while increasing revenue through personalized and relevant messages that cater to the modern-day customer journey. 

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Greg Zakowicz
Article by
Greg Zakowicz

Greg Zakowicz is an ecommerce marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience in email, mobile, and social media marketing. He has consulted numerous IR top 1000 clients on their email and SMS marketing programs and is a frequent speaker and writer in the ecommerce and marketing industry.

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These are the Omnisend features that can help you get the results mentioned in the article.