5 Simple Customer Segments Every Retailer Should Use
The following retail customer segmentation examples can be used for both one-off campaigns and automated messages. Learn how to easily make more money!
ecommerce trends
10 Ecommerce Trends That You Should Apply in 2020
What are the biggest ecommerce trends for 2020? Here are the top 10 you should consider applying to your store for the longterm!
wooCommerce abandoned carts
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: 7 Plugins to Help You Recover Lost Sales
Today, we're going to take a look at the 7 best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins in 2018 that will help you recover lost sales - all on autopilot.
Build an Ecommerce Sales Funnel to Drive Sales
When creating your ecommerce sales funnel, it's important to remove as much friction as possible from your user experience. Here's a few key tips for 2020:
Email List Cleaning – Give Your Email Marketing a Fresh Start
Think your email list needs cleaning? In this article, we explain if, when and how you can clean your email list and get higher open rates.
67 Back-to-School Email Subject Lines + 5 Email Examples
Looking for the best back-to-school email subject lines? Get these 67 data-backed subject lines with proven high conversions to inspire your next campaign.
ecommerce website checklist
Ecommerce Website Checklist: Key Elements That Every Online Store Must Implement
Want to optimize your online store? Here's a full ecommerce website checklist to improve your store's user experience. Check it out here:
Ecommerce Marketing 2020: Killer Tips & Strategies
Ecommerce marketing is a vast topic, and with so many different strategies to use, where do you even begin? Here's a great starting point:
Cart Abandonment SMS: How to Integrate Text Messages into Your Strategy
If you are eager to try SMS auto-reminders and are still not sure how to start and what exactly to say, read this article.
Cart Insiders Podcast
Listen Up! Introducing the Cart Insiders Podcast
Omnisend is proud to announce the launch the Cart Insiders Podcast, showcasing DTC brands and featuring insights and analysis into all aspects of ecommerce.
User Intent and SEO: What Retailers Need to Know for Higher Rankings
User intent is one of the most important elements to ranking well in today’s SERPs. Take a look at how retailers can target user intent to increase visibility.
WooCommerce Follow Up Emails: 12 Best Practices and Examples
If you've got a WooCommerce store, you know how important email marketing is. Here are 12 best practices and examples of WooCommerce follow up emails.
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