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June 2023

Roundup Jun 12, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s June 2023 updates

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May 2023

Roundup May 09, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s May 2023 updates

April 2023

Roundup Apr 18, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s April 2023 updates

March 2023

Roundup Mar 15, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s March 2023 updates

February 2023

Roundup Feb 20, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s February 2023 updates

January 2023

Roundup Jan 17, 2023
What’s new: Omnisend’s January 2023 updates

September 2022

Roundup Oct 17, 2022
What’s new: Omnisend’s September product updates

October 2022

Roundup Nov 09, 2022
What’s new: Omnisend’s October product updates

August 2022

Roundup Sep 20, 2022
What’s new: Omnisend’s August product updates

July 2022

Roundup Aug 22, 2022
What’s new: July Omnisend product updates
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