Best SMS Marketing Software for Ecommerce in 2021

Karolina Petraškienė
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SMS marketing has a huge reach and stunning engagement results. Although this channel isn’t necessarily your “all-in” bet, short text messages are a powerful add-on to your existing marketing strategy.

At Omnisend, we see that SMS is gaining momentum: more and more ecommerce sites are looking for the best scenarios to integrate this short text messages channel into their communication flows.

If you are reading this article, you probably see the same unexplored SMS marketing opportunities as we do. So let’s see which SMS marketing software could meet your current expectations for this new channel.

1. Omnisend

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Drive sales on autopilot with pre-built automation workflows
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With Omnisend, you can send promotional SMS campaigns as well as automated workflows with integrated different channels. Omnisend allows you to mix channels and send your messages through customers’ preferred media. In this case, you can boost your overall campaign engagement as well as save on spending per message.

Omnisend works on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce and other ecommerce platforms.


Feature list:

  • Segmented SMS/MMS campaigns and bulk SMS blasts
  • Automated workflows via SMS only or with other channels integrated
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Signup forms and landing pages to capture phone numbers
  • 24/7 Support



At Omnisend, marketers on Pro and Enterprise plans get free SMS credits equal to the price they pay for the pricing plan.

If they are on Standard plan, the price for SMSes goes on top of the pricing plan. A text message costs $0.015/SMS in the U.S. For more details, please follow the link.

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2. SMS Bump


SMS Bump text message marketing software is built for SMS communication only. It works as a separate marketing channel. This tool is a great alternative to Omnisend if you’re not looking for an omnichannel approach and need only text messages.

This tool is a comprehensive solution that offers many useful features. First of all, with SMS Bump you can send both – SMS and MMS. Bulk SMSes as well as automated messages are available. Discount codes, A/B testing, etc.

SMS Bump works fine with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, and other ecommerce platforms.

Feature List:

  • Signup Keywords
  • SMS Chat
  • A/B Testing
  • SMS and MMS
  • Messaging based on time zones


A starting plan to test it out is free. Paid plans start at $19.9 + $0.0149/SMS in the U.S.

3. Postscript SMS & MMS Marketing


Postscript is a sophisticated but easy-to-use platform for SMS marketing. Its trump card is segmentation. You can easily segment your customers according to their purchases on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform.

Postscript supports SMS and MMS. Live chat functionality allows you to provide customer support or close sales via text messages.

Like all tools on this list, Postscript follows US TCPA regulation, so you will find all the necessary legal statements and agreements already there.

However, if we compare Postscript vs SMS Bump, the Postscript tool is built only for the Shopify ecosystem. Businesses built on other platforms should look for different solutions.


  • SMS campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • SMS Campaign Automation
  • Live Chat


The pricing plan starts at $50. For this price, you get 1500 credits which make your SMS cost you about $0.033

4. EZ Texting


EZ Texting is another alternative to SMS Bump vs Postscript. EZ Texting is the most comprehensive SMS platform on this list. It has a unique offer that includes a suite of SMS marketing tools with polls, surveys, and contests available.

Segmentation, automation, reporting – all these necessary features are advanced on the EZ Texting platform. However, you still will need to import customer data if you want to approach them via different channels.


  • SMS and MMS
  • Keywords
  • Advanced reporting
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Poll and survey features
  • Live Chat


You can start using EZ Texting for free to test it out. Pricing plans start at $49/mo for 1000 SMS credits ($0.049/SMS)

5. Tatango


Tatango is the last but on least on this list. This platform is well-established, has robust functionality and mostly used by enterprise companies.

It covers SMS, MMS, RCS marketing campaigns, detailed reporting, segmentation, some fancy features such as text-to-win, voting, etc. Even though this solution is easy to use, customer support is responsive and helps if you need them.

Surprisingly, Tatango doesn’t support two-way messaging.


  • SMS, MMS, RCS messaging
  • Automation
  • Keywords
  • Mobile coupons
  • Voting/Polls
  • Advanced reporting


Their Enterprise software starts at $1,000/mo. ($0.01/SMS; $0.02/MMS)

SMS Marketing Software: Wrap Up

All these tools have a bold presence and positive social proof. So none of them would probably disappoint you.

However, your decision should be made concerning your business scope, goals, and priorities.

If you seek SMS marketing software for standalone text messaging, pick SMS Bump, as it seems to have the most reasonable pricing. But if your company has already reached a sustainable stage and you are looking for more advanced marketing means, I would advise you to consider omnichannel marketing with Omnisend.

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